It's Crunch Time: Can Barack Obama Win A Second Term In The White House?

06 November 2012

Sophy Ridge reports from Colorado as the votes come in...

Nothing beats the thrill of an election day for a political geek like me, and it doesn't get any bigger than the US Presidential race. Excitement is building in Colorado as people queue up to cast their vote and it's still impossible to predict who will win in this State. Nationally Barack Obama appears to have the edge in the swing states that matter, but it's all still to play for. I've only realised the weird and wonderful reasons why people vote for a particular candidate since coming to the States and talking to people on the ground.

"Slim" is a ski-bum who lives in his car in the Rocky Mountains so he can get the best snow.  He's voting for Obama "because I don't want to see a Mormon like Mitt Romney  in the White House." I have a sneaky suspicion that Slim wouldn't have bothered voting at all if it wasn't for the vote on legalising marijuana that Colorado is holding at the same time.

Josh, from North Carolina, is even more alarming: "I'm voting for Romney. Obama isn't a US citizen. He won't produce his birth certificate." For women in America, the outcome of the election could have big implications. Voters are being bombarded by Democrat funded advertising warning women that Mitt Romney is anti-abortion and wants to stop the Planned Parenting scheme which funds access to contraception. Lots of women are very worried about this... But the strength of the evangelical vote shouldn't be discounted either. This is one of the reasons why Mitt Romney could pick up support too.

I've got a big day ahead as I'll be broadcasting through the night as the votes roll in, so I'll be relying on adrenaline rather than sleep!
Sophy Ridge is Sky News Political Correspondent
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Photograph by Stephanie Degroote


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