Lena Dunham In Girls: Episode Four Review By Grazia's TV Columnist Paul Flynn

05 November 2012 by

Lena Dunham Girls

So far, what do we know of Hannah’s relationship with her sort of boyfriend Adam? He’s a bit mean to her. He doesn’t indulge her. He’s attracted to her when she’s weak. He’s been carefully assembled as a clever 21st century monster.

In tonight’s episode of Girls, that all changed. Adam doesn’t start this superior half hour of bleak comedy well, sending a picture message of his genitals to Hannah by accident. She obsesses over it with Marnie and Jessa. She obsesses over it with her brief new work friends at the law firm she was never meant to be at, over a hilarious eyebrow-shapening interlude (encyclopaedic Girls watchers: Friend 2 is Lesley Arfin, hipster scion, former Vice/iD scribe, Girls co-writer and Lena Dunham’s IRL BFF. See them shopping at Amoeba music, LA, here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=av33w0k0lDQ).

But she never quite gets to the bottom of what it means to her or her on/off relationship. So she tried to get to the bottom of it by visiting Adam on his doorstep and delivering the most poignant, sad and disastrous break-up missive. You could almost feel her practising it on her way round. You could almost see the paralysing mix of anguish and relief as she finally becomes a bit of herself in front of him, rather than playing everything on his terms.

And, of course, you could feel the inevitability during this that because it has brought them that half an inch closer they’ll end up sexing it out.

It was an uncomfortable moment. In many ways, it was more uncomfortable than watching Charlie sing Hannah’s diary entry about him in a grotty Brooklyn Speakeasy, in his awful band.

But, like all of Girls, it is deeply revelatory. It carefully fleshes out not just Hannah but Adam, too. Yes, he’s a bit mean to her. But in one short episode he has turned from being a 2-dimensional. 21stcentury monster into a 3-d 21stcentury man.  

Girls is on Mondays, 10pm, Sky Atlantic


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