VIDEO: How Does Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson's Post-Affair Interview Compare To Their First?

02 November 2012 by

It's the moment we've all been waiting for: the return of the gorgeously scruffy entity known as Robsten. Last night, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson partook in their first joint interview since scandalous details of Kristen's affair with director Rupert Sanders emerged, so it was bound to be awkward. Or was it adorable?

For the chat with MTV, K-Stew looked typically chilled in a jumper + jeans topped off with that trademark tousled hair while her on-off-on boyfriend had put in a tad more effort thanks to a blazer jacket over a dishevelled shirt, tantalisingly unbuttoned to reveal a dash of chest hair *quivers* Oh, and Taylor Lautner was there too.

So what did they SAY? Surprisingly, all talk of The Affair was off limits (dammit), although we DID get lots of details about Breaking Dawn: Part II (meh). But our faaavourite bit was when the couple dished on the Halloween costumes they wore on Wednesday night. While Kristen opted for a pink bobbed wig and sunglasses as a homage to Natalie Portman's character in one of her favourite films, Closer (interestingly all about cheating), Rob went all out in, err, a $3 mask. 

But let's be honest: we're all analysising their every hair flick, right? So here are our thoughts. Kristen is noticeably gigglier in a 'we're one big family' style - is she overcompensating? Her outfit may be relaxed - how better to say 'this is no big deal' than with a slouchy jumper? - but her body language gives away her uncomfortableness - see the fidgeting fingers, hunched shoulders and a foot that just doesn't. stop. tapping.

Meanwhile, Rob is as witty and self-deprecating as ever, happily taking the spotlight away from Kristen and keeping the atmosphere as light as possible. What a pro. The only clue that he may be feeling the pressure is when he takes a sneaky puff on a fake cigarette around the 3:57 mark - and is that Kristen leaning on his knee at the same time? (yes, we really have studied EVERY detail).

'People had no idea who were were,' he says of his first ever MTV interview during the filming of Twilight. 'I did three interviews that day saying I was in Narnia.' Ha! This has us thinking: how does this interview compare to those Kristen and Rob have done in promo tours gone by? Seeing how their interview technique and obvious chemisty has developed through the years gives us a little insight into how far their relationship - showmance or true love - has come...

1. Twilight in 2008

2. New Moon in 2009

3. Eclipse in 2010

4. Breaking Dawn: Part I  in 2011


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