Hey, Mitt Romney. Now’s Not The Time For A Fake Relief Event – And Other Stupid Stuff People Did During Hurricane Sandy…

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GALLERY >> Stupid Stuff People Did During Sandy

‘Frankenstorm’ Hurricane Sandy tore through the USA last week leaving mass devastation in its wake and sadly killing more than 90 – with the death toll still rising. With no power, many without homes at all and an estimated $60billion worth of damage, the megastorm has truly left its mark. However, the horrifying reality the storm left for so many seems to have bypassed a few people. For instance, this Brazilian model, who thought the post-tropical storm debris would make a great backdrop for her latest photoshoot. It didn't.

For future reference, scroll through the gallery above for just a few things that you should probably avoid during/after Hurricane Sandy >>

By Zoe Beaty and Jessica Commons

Don’t stage a fake relief event. Yes, that’s YOU Mitt Romney:

Yes, Mitt, we’re aware you’re running for President. But perhaps this failed attempt to depoliticize a political campaign combined with a $5000 trip to Walmart to make sure you had plenty of tinned goods to pose with in your good-guy snaps (according to one staffer) wasn’t such a good idea after all. Team Romney also admitted that the ‘relief’ event was staged – and that the purpose of it was ‘election visibility’ not actual help. Nice one, Mitt.

HEY LEANN RIMES. Maybe save the ‘hilare’ Sandy Halloween costume for NEVER?

We all love a bit of a dress up. And, LeAnn, we GEDDIT. You’re Sandy from Grease, not Sandy the Hurricane. Because that’s a parody we’re all into. Er, are we? Actually, no, we’re not – because it’s more than a little insensitive.

American Apparel want to profit, err, SAVE you from your hurricane ‘boredom’ and kindly replenish your ruined essential basics with a ‘Sandy Sale’.

Worried about your lost disco pants? Suffering from hurricane ‘boredom'? Then get yourself on to America Apparel’s website, where they’re offering a mega 20% off complete with a huge dose of marketing shame.

Oh, Lindsay Lohan says it’s not a big deal.

… In fact, she said in an ill-thought tweet, ‘WHY is everyone in SUCH a panic about hurricane? STOP projecting negativity! Think positive and pray for peace!’ LiLo: solving life’s big dilemmas since… well, never.

‘What’s scarier? Hurricane Sandy or the fact that you thought this tweet was a good idea?’

President’s Choice, the private label of Loblaw posted on Tuesday: ‘What's scarier? Hurricane #Sandy or a beverage with marshmallow eyeballs?’ (which linked to a recipe for "marshmallow bloodshot eyeballs," suggesting cutting marshmallows in half and putting a grape or blueberry in the middle to make it look like an eyeball), followed by a swift apology. We’re not sure where to go with this. ‘Nuff said.

Don’t make a Hurricane Sandy drinking game. Full stop.

Especially when it includes the rule: ‘A shot of idiots running on a beach in a mandatory evacuation area: one drink per idiot.’ Did someone say idiot?

Hurricane what now? Bill Clinton says it’s not Sandy you should be worried about.

Holy moly, there’s another storm brewing according to Bill. AND it’s going to be bigger than Sandy. AND uglier. It’s the… election. Oh. Yeah good one, Bill. Seriously, nice not-insensitive-or-in-the-slightest-bit-obtuse comparison you came up with there.

Don’t: try to rescue ducks from an angry river. Whilst drunk. After abandoning your child. Who is trying to follow you.

Erm, probably not a good time to try this one ever, but I think it’s safe to say that during a HURRICANE is not the appropriate moment to abandon your two-year-old and attempt to save ‘wild ducks’ from a rampant river after a skin full of Pinot. Lucky for her, a quick-thinking neighbour was there to pull the child to safety before he/she jumped in after their mum. Since you asked, the ducks were fine too.

Blaming gay people for Hurricane Sandy is not cool.

If you were under the impression that hurricanes were caused by, like, science and stuff, you have been gravely mislead according to Pastor John Mcternan. Actually, they’re caused by gays, he says. Oh, and also ‘lesbian scissoring’, Barak Obama and Mitt Romney. Of course it was, John.

Here’s a helpful idea, let’s circulate pictures of ‘Hurricane Sandy’ and then snigger because they’re fake. OR NOT.

There’s no actual point of this as far as we can see (enlighten us?) but one thing we do know is that it’s freaking annoying.

Don’t: Start tweeting important stuff that isn’t true… Especially when it’s about the NYSE flooding.

Shashank Tripathi, 29,  – a Wall Street banker – thought it would be a good idea to tell people that the NYSE (New York Stock Exchange) had flooded in a hoax tweet, during Hurricane Sandy in the middle of a recession. He was outed and forced to resign and apologise for his ‘irresponsible’ tweeting. Turns out, it wasn’t such a hoot after all.


For 33-year-old glamour model and reality TV star Coco Austin, Superstorm Sandy (which, by the way, she’s like, totally obsessed with) means one thing only – wet t-shirt competition. On seeing the storm, she took straight to Youtube to upload a video of herself flailing her assets about in the rain and screaming. STOP, COCO. JUST STOP IT.


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