How To Keep Your Spirits Up In Hurricane Sandy According To New York Residents Including Alexa Chung and Patricia Field

30 October 2012 by

New York, we love you! In the middle of one of the city’s worst natural disasters, New Yorkers are making good use of Twitter and Instagram to show the world that they’re not going to let Hurricane Sandy stop them from having a good time.  From manicures to pumpkin carving, Alexa Chung in a Barbour coat to Patricia Field sparking a dress up trend, the gallery above reveals how New Yorkers are surviving. Take that Mother Nature!

Wrap Up Like Alexa Chung

Celebrates Hurricane Fashion Like Patricia Field

Starting with a picture of Carrie Bradshaw in the rain #pfieldhurricanefashion collected the best outfits those brave enough to head outside could put together.

Eat Junk Food

[a target="_blank" href="!/users/212156258/photos">Ibdevp[/a] gave into the cravings and pigged out.

Get Knitted

Margeau_ knitted scarves by candlelight.

Boozy Manicure

Amandajleech combined a spooky manicure with a bottle of red.

Cat Eye Manicure

Gabonghi jumped on the manicure bandwagon too with this spooky set of nails.

Play Board Games

[a target="_blank" href="!/users/1905761/photos">Tiarasm[/a] favoured the game of Life...

Play More Board Games

Whereas [a target="_blank" href="!/users/175500360/photos">Elizalizzyanne[/a] preferred Scrabble...

Err, Play More Board Games

...As did M[a target="_blank" href="!/users/22365296/photos">andybraatz[/a].

Drink Coffee

[a target="_blank" href="!/users/2892944/photos">Citywhisper[/a] stared out of the gloomy window with a cup coffee.

Make Forts!

Connor Zickgraf indulged her inner child.

Inhale Ice Cream

[a target="_blank" href="!/users/10803272/photos">Tspiceee[/a] went for a super sundae.

Carve Pumpkins

God forbid Halloween get forgotten in the wake of Frankenstorm, thanks [a href="!/users/24433133/photos">Shivaschaaf[/a]!

Make Waffles

Because there's always time for waffles.

Cocktail Making

A lot of people got boozy.

Bake Bread

[a target="_blank" href="!/users/178581951/photos">Tempie27[/a] made this delicious looking sourdough loaf.

Bake Cupcakes

The baking theme continued with [a target="_blank" href="!/users/2669820/photos">Caitcurr[/a]'s fabulous cupcakes.

Work. Boo.

[a target="_blank" href="!/users/2753947/photos">Shesmyrushmore[/a] was on her best behaviour and caught up with a bit of paperwork.

Design Dresses

[a target="_blank" href="!/users/23419708/photos">While Bpnuss[/a] took advantage of being trapped inside to design these gorgeous dresses.


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