Now THIS Is A Way To Lose Weight! Does Watching Horror Films Really Burn Calories?

29 October 2012 by

The Shining, Jack Nicholson

Yep, you are reading correctly. The latest weight loss plan isn’t about pounding the treadmill or taking a Spinning class (though those are still good methods), but simply sitting on your sofa and watching on a scary movie. The scarier, the better, in fact. Now that’s the sort of advice we like to hear.

Just in time for Halloween, new research says the scarier the film you watch the more calories you burn, thanks to your heart rate rising and adrenaline increasing. On average, viewers burn 113 calories over 90 minutes of scary films

The Shining hailed the most terrifying. In studies at the University of Westminster - where scientists monitored viewers heart rate, oxygen intake and carbon dioxide output to work out how much energy they were suing -  participants burnt around 184 calories watching the 1980 smash hit.

The film, starring Jack Nicholson and directed by A Clockwork Orange’s director Stanley Kubrick, is about a family who head to an isolated hotel for vacation and the father (Nicholson) is possessed evil spirits.

Steven Spielberg’s 1975 shocker Jaws came in second, with viewers burning an average 161 calories. The Exorcist (1973) was third, burning around 158 calories, whilst the least scary seemed to be 2007 Spanish film [Rec], about a TV reporters and cameraman led into a dark building and trapped there.

What better way to get you in the mood for Halloween? Here are our scariest clips to get you in the mood...

The Shining, 1980


Jaws, 1975


Paranormal Activity 4, 2012


The Exorcist, 1973


Candyman, 1992



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