Lena Dunham In Girls: Episode Three Review By Grazia's TV Columnist Paul Flynn

29 October 2012 by

Girls episode three

One of the predominantly ace things about Girls in a myriad of fundamentally ace things is its actual understanding of the digital age.

What other TV show can you think of that sets the time-frame of an entire episode against the protagonist deciding what her Facebook status update should be? This, lies the subtext, is how we waste our time procrastinating on computers. It just is. So why not have a little party dancing around your bedroom to Robyn to celebrate when you’ve decided what it should be. ‘All adventurous women do’, a neat flashback to Hannah’s STD test last week.

Aside from being just, like, totally au fait with the mindset of the www.generation there were two essential introductions tonight. First is Elijah (played by Andrew Rannells), the antsy gay -ex that might or might not have passed on HPV to Hannah (Lena Dunham) during their time together at college.

He is not just important because he gets to shut down their conversation with a Tyra palm-wave and the immortal line ‘Your dad is gay.’ He is important because he is the anti-Stanford Blatch, the finger that traces over this episode the implication that everyone is so over S&TC. He is not a gay toy to tell Girls how to dress and what serum to use. He is snippy, crisp, a little vile.

The second is the hapless ex-rocker dad that Jessa (Jemima Kirk) is babysitting for. They share a joint, yes. But what they really share is her intuitive capacity to seduce anyone she wants with a single dewy stare. Jessa doesn’t know how to use this skill yet. So obvs she uses it on everyone. It may yet be her undoing. On first meet, it already looks like his.

Girls is on Mondays, 10pm, Sky Atlantic


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