‘There’s Nothing Worse Than a Bunch of Mean, Hateful Women.’ And Other Reasons One Female Republican Politician Believes Ladies Shouldn’t Vote. Erm, What?

15 October 2012 by

Janis Lane of the Central Mississippi Tea Party

We fought long and hard for the vote. We’ll, our bra-burning ancestors did – and, I think I can speak for everyone when I say: We’re freaking grateful. Except, I’m wrong – I can’t speak for everyone. Because one woman residing across the pond –  Janis Lane, a member of the Mad Hatter’s Central Mississippi Tea Party – says that ‘probably the biggest turn we ever made was when the women got the right to vote…’ and ‘[America] might have been better off if it was still just men voting.’ Er, come again, love?

But, y’know, for the sake of being balanced, let’s hear her out. She justifies her response to a question posed by the Jackson Free Press in America by saying ‘There is nothing worse than a bunch of mean, hateful women. They are diabolical in how they can skewer a person. I do not see that in men. Double minded, you never can trust them.’ Ohhhh. Well if you put it like that, it seems just as warped and sexist as we first thought.

‘The whole time I worked, I’d much rather have a male boss than a female boss,’ she stated as another reason that women across the globe should be denied suffrage. But don’t worry guys - Lane is here to protect us from ourselves: ‘Because women have the right to vote,’ she says, ‘I am active, because I want to make sure there is some sanity for women in the political world.’

It’s mind-boggling. Lane appears to imply that women are just too emotional to be given the responsibility of having an opinion as to where the taxes they pay for the hospitals and schools they work in go, or how the country they live in and bring up their children in is run – obviously, we’re too busy frantically filling our houses with pink stuff and crying over our burned cupcakes/broken fingernails/insert cliché here.

It's frightening that a female politician (oh, hello irony) would be in anyway inclined to think this, let alone say it out loud. Especially since women are still striving everyday for equal pay, for the end of sexism and chipping away at that notorious glass ceiling - when everyone knows they should be back in the frigging kitchen where they belong.

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