How did Ed Miliband do in his 2012 Party Conference Speech? Gaby Hinsliff reports...

02 October 2012 by

How did Ed Miliband's Party Conference speech go down today? Grazia's Political Editor at Large Gaby Hinsliff reports from Manchester...

Ed Miliband Party Conference 2012

They’ll be spluttering into their smoothies in Downing Street. It’s not just that ‘Red’ Ed Miliband used his party conference speech to sweet-talk Tory voters in front of a cheeky blue backdrop. It’s not even that he kept on (and on, and on) about having gone to a ‘tough’ London comprehensive, not Eton. It’s more that this was a speech designed to stop Ed Milband looking like the kid who always got his lunch money stolen: the moment Labour’s own Clark Kent might whip off his glasses and turn into - well, not quite Superman. But maybe Possibly Electable Man.

He’d memorised the hour-long speech so that he could stroll casually around the stage, joking about his little boy Daniel asking him to mention ‘dinosaurs that eat people’. He sympathised with people squeezed by the recession, promised a crackdown on irresponsible bankers - and for once, when he talked about his childhood, you didn’t immediately think of the older brother he beat.

There’s just one snag: the big soundbite for tomorrow’s headlines is strictly for political nerds. Miliband is announcing that his is now the party of One Nation (shorthand for a more liberal strand of usually Tory thinking) to a nation probably more interested in One Direction. Perhaps inside Possibly Electable Man, there’s still a bit of Clark trying to get out.


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