'50 Shades of Grey? My Women Kick Ass, They Don’t Get Their Ass Kicked' And Other Mantras By Jackie Collins

01 October 2012 by

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Jackie Collins is considered one of the originals Queens of the Bonkbuster. More than 500 million copies of her books have been sold worldwide in 40 countries. She’s on of the world’s top-selling novelists. As her 29th novel, The Power Trip, is released – a high octane  drama set on a yacht in Mexico’s Cabo San Lucas about rich, famous and beautiful people – Jackie talks her us through her fabulous life…

Jackie on… Sisterly love

“I just had dinner with Joan last week. We’re the best of friends, I don’t know how it ever got out that we weren’t.”

Jackie on…. E.L. James [50 Shades]

“I think it’s absolutely fabulous that a female English writer has done so well. I’m always for empowering women. I find it a little startling that everyone thinks it’s so sexy as I’ve been writing a  lot of sex for a lot of years. It’s a different kind of sex, though. My women like to kick ass. They don’t like to get their ass kicked. If there’s spanking to be done it’s the heroine doing it! But good for her. Anything that gets people into the bookstores is great.’

Jackie on… Her writing ritual

“I’ve designed everything in my Beverly Hills home. It’s perfect place for a writer because it’s very calm and inspirational – a lot of white walls, buddhas and a David Hockney-style swimming pool. I write everything in long hand, then I give it to my assistant to type up. It’s incredibly time-consuming, but I can’t do it on the computer. I have to have my ritual; at the end of the book I have all my handwritten pages and have them bound in leather and then kept in my study, so I have all these leather-bound books. I LOVE having that. When I start a new book, I roll out of bed and go straight to my desk. I write one sentence, then get dressed, have coffee  or green tea then go right back to my desk and start writing. If I’m doing a Brazilian scene I’ll have Brazilian music to get me in the mood. If it’s a sex scene? R Kelly.”

Jackie on… popular culture

“I’m a TV junkie. Right now, I’m loving Veep, Dexter and, especially, Revenge. Isn’t it fabulous? I wouldn’t base a character directly on anyone famous but take the essence of some celebrities. In The Power Trip there’s the essence of Ryan Gosling and Ryan Reynolds. But you’ll have to read it to find out.”

Jackie on… Fashion

“This is when ties became popular. I wore that on the back of a book.I always wore leopard print. It never goes out of fashion. I’m not a dedicated follower of fashion and I stick to it. I know what looks good. I don’t have a lot of time for shopping. I have all my jackets made, which I design myself. I stick to black trousers and a black top then I have fabulous jackets and fabulous jewellery. That’s my uniform. I wear boots or gym shoes. I have a dress maker in Beverly Hills.”

Jackie on… the perks of social media

“I’m on Twitter constantly. And Pinterest. It’s great for research; I have one specifically for what my characters might look like. And ‘Back in the day’ for old pictures. And Hollywood glamour. You’ve got to look at my smoking hot guys on Pinterest, I’ve got loads. I ‘pin’ pictures of hot guys and they get ‘re-pinned’ by my fans. LL Cool J has been re-pinned the most. 192 times! I’ve got Robert Pattinson, Leonardo DiCaprio and they all love LL Cool J.”


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