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WATCH Sarah Jessica Parker Play A Vogue Editor On Glee!

Some of our most favourite people have had a cameo in Glee – who can forget the entire episode dedicated to one Ms Britney Spears or Gwyneth Paltrow’s amazing turn as substitute teacher Holly Holiday? But possibly one of the most eagerly anticipated cameos in the show’s entire history is that of Sarah Jessica Parker. Well, the wait is almost over as Vogue.com have posted a sneaky peek. Eek!

Kurt’s imitable dress sense has finally paid off as he interviews for an internship at Vogue.com under the helm of Isabelle Wright played by SJP. But don’t be expecting any Devil Wears Prada antics just yet as we see Isabelle and Kurt share an anecdote about the Gleesters favourite local restaurant Breadsticks AND she complements him on his style before mournfully reflecting on a failed fashion collection of her own. Bless!

Perhaps this endearing portrayal of a Vogue editor has something to do with a certain Anna Wintour who styled SJP for the role. Think less Carrie's pouffy gowns and more Prabal Gurung, Fendi, Altuzarra... and not a Cheerios uniform in sight!

But we're most excited to hear Sarah Jessica sing. Will she be donning fishnets a la Kate Hudson (we think probably not), dueting with Kurt in a Gwyneth Paltrow stylee or taking to the stage solo? We've heard rumours she'll be singing 'Come Little Children' to them - the song she sang in Hocus Pocus - which would be totes amaze. 

One thing’s for sure, we’ll be tuning in just as soon as it hits our screens. Hurry up please!


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Notsogleekynow Smith (Fri Sep 28 21:54:44 BST 2012): . The 'Makeover' episode of 'Glee' was a complete INSULT to anyone. who has ever tried to break into the magazine or fashion industry. Even with all the connections and experience in the world -- it would be. next to impossible to land a job that amazing (especially after having. confessed that "in four years" you'd hope to remain there "part-time"). Even if a person actually followed the proper procedures and channels -- they. could not even get an internship at 'Better Guns & Ammo' as easily as 'Glee'. so FALSELY portrayed Kurt Hummel "somehow" managing to do at 'Vogue'. And worst of all -- the audience is expected to IGNORE the FACT that Kurt. is supposed to be a 3-month's prior HIGH-SCHOOL grad who was on the. wait-list to get into his local OHIO community-college -- and, yet, without a. college-degree (ex. fashion merchandising, fashion design, magazine copy, etc) or even a single college-credit -- our young 18-year old kid, who hails. from some small town located "in the sticks" of Ohio (the "fashion capital. of the world" -- oh wait, I'm sorry, just like everyone else on the planet -- I keep mistaking Lima, Ohio for being Paris, France... my apologies) as. he simply email's "various pix of his ebay-purchased and hand-made outfits". (or as they referred to it on the show, his online "resume"... give me break).. Glee failed it's fans in it's handling of storylines ranging in everything from. domestic-violence to outed-athletes... and now it insists on insulting it's fans. -- in making it appear that a person can fail their audition TWICE -- yet STILL. get accepted into NYADA (while the one who had nailed the audition in flying. colors, is rejected); that a high-school senior would apply to only ONE. college; and that a person can move to NYC -- get a large apartment. -- and within days to weeks of their arrival, manage to get what. would be THE MOST COVETED internship in the world. of fashion or magazines via emailing pictures of outfits.. What a pathetic portrayal of life after high school.. In the media world the term "jumping the shark" is used when. a television program has run out of steam and creative ideas. -- and -- in a last-ditch effort to maintain it's fan-base -- decides to throw in one totally-preposterous storyline.. It seems to me that the 'Glee' has clearly managed to "jump the shark". with the ridiculous Vogue-internship storyline of the 'Makeover' episode. -- and by doing so -- may have managed to strike the final nail in it's coffin..