The Girl Trailer Is Here: WATCH Sienna Miller Play Hitchcock’s Heroine, Tippi Hedren

21 September 2012 by

Ever since we heard Sienna Miller is set to play Tippi Hedren in eerie movie The Girl, we've been wondering how she'll measure up. Would she live up to the ultimate Hitchcock heroine? The first official trailer suggests that yes. she. can.

The film documents the director's obsession with the leading lady of his cult motion picture The Birds and the trailer opens with a gorgeously glowing Sienna having dinner with Hitchcock played by Toby Jones. All seems merry until we see Tippi on set 'trembling' and the director states that 'it's time you gave something back.' Uh oh. It's set to get spine tingling.

Indeed, since The Birds was made in 1964, disturbing details have emerged about the pair — the director allegedly eavesdropped on the actress' phone calls and even dictated her off-duty wardrobe. For 20 little-known-facts about Hitchcock and his heroine, keep scrolling... 

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Sienna Miller To Play Hitchcock’s Heroine, Tippi Hedren: 20 Facts You Didn't Know

Sienna Miller as Tippi Hedren and the screen siren in 1963

We're thrilled at the thought of Sienna Miller appearing on our telly boxes in a new BBC2 biopic, but it's the subject of the film that has us all the more intrigued. The Brit actress, who gave birth to daughter Marlowe earlier this month, is set to play Alfred Hitchcock’s muse Tippi Hedren in The Girl which sheds light on the director's sordid obsession with the screen siren.

The first stills from the film, to be aired in September, show Sienna working those Hitchcock heroine trademarks, from the icy blonde bouffant to the blood red lips and matching nails. Hedren has already given Ms Miller her seal of approval after requesting to meet Sienna at her home on the Shambala Preserve, an 80-acre sanctuary for tigers, lions and leopards in the Mojave Desert. ‘It was important we met so I could explain my background and what sort of a person I am,’ Hedren explained. ‘I didn’t want her to play me as a victim. Hitchcock put me through hell, pure hell, but I got out. I was an extremely strong young woman.’

Sienna Miller To Play Hitchcock’s Heroine, Tippi Hedren: 20 Facts You Didn't Know

Toby Jones as Hitchcock and Sienna Miller as Hedren vs the real deal

Since the film was made in 1964, an abundance of disturbing details have emerged about Hitchcock and his heroine — the director apparently eavesdropped on the actress' phone calls and even dictated her off-duty wardrobe. So with a little help from Wikipedia, we've rounded up a few details about Hedren that you may not know, some of which will get your spine a-tingling...

1. Tippi Hedren was a model for 11 years before she was discovered by Hitchcock.

2. The director saw Hedren in a commercial for Sego, a diet drink, and became obsessed with her. He was looking for an actress who possessed something of the sophistication and cool-blonde sex appeal of Grace Kelly, with whom he had made three films.

3. Hedren got a call to meet with executives on Friday 13th, 1961. She met with the director for dinner when he gave her a 'beautifully wrapped package from Gump’s San Fransico.' Inside was a gold and pearl bird pin.

4. Hitchcock directed Hedren in her debut film, The Birds.

5. A treadmill was brought into the studio for the close shots of Tippi running with all the children. Tippi spoke of how dangerous it was with all the people running. If one person went down, there was a domino effect. 

Sienna Miller To Play Hitchcock’s Heroine, Tippi Hedren: 20 Facts You Didn't Know

Tippi Hedren in The Birds

6. Hedren said the phone booth in the film was supposed to be made of shatterproof glass, but when the fake seagull came down the wire and crashed into it, glass exploded all over her.

7. For the final attack scene in a second-floor bedroom, Hedren had been assured by Hitchcock that mechanical birds would be used. Instead, she endured five days of live gulls, ravens and crows being flung at her, their beaks clamped shut with elastic bands.

8. When her post-attack make-up was done, Tippi said she looked at herself in a mirror, then went outside and threw up.

9. Nearing exhaustion and after being scratched close to her eye toward the end of filming, Hedren pulled off birds and said, 'That’s enough!' A physician ordered a week's rest, which Hedren said at the time was riddled with 'nightmares filled with flapping wings'.

10. Cary Grant came on set to see Hitchcock and said to Tippi, 'I think you’re the bravest lady I’ve ever met'.

11. In 1964 Hedren received a Golden Globe Award for 'Most Promising Newcomer - Female', tied with Elke Sommer and Ursula Andress.

12. She co-starred with Sean Connery in a second Hitchcock film, Marnie in 1964, a romantic drama and psychological thriller from the novel by Winston Graham.

13. Hitchcock had a plan to mould Hedren's public image by carefully controlling her style of dressing and grooming.

14. Other directors who wanted to hire her had to go through Hitchcock, who would inform them she was unavailable. 'It grew to be impossible. He was a very controlling type of person, and I guess I'm not about to be controlled', said Hedren.

15. When she tried to get out of her contract, Hitchcock told her he'd ruin her career. 'And he did: kept me under contract, kept paying me every week for almost two years to do nothing.'

16. In 2011, Hedren stated in an interview that because she refused Hitchcock’s sexual advances, he effectively stunted her career.

Naomi Watts January Jones Hitchcock.jpg

Naomi Watts in Mullholland Drive, January Jones in Mad Men

17. Hedren gave birth to Melanie Griffiths in 1957. Melanie and Tippi starred together in Pacific Heights.

18. A Louis Vuitton ad campaign in 2006 paid tribute to Hedren and Hitchcock with a modern-day interpretation of the deserted railway station opening sequence of Marnie.

19. Naomi Watts has stated that her character interpretation in Mulholland Drive was influenced by the look and performances of Hedren in Hitchcock films.

20. An issue of Vanity Fair referred to January Jones's character in Mad Men as 'Tippi Hedren's soul sister from Marnie'.

Goodness, Sienna certainly has a LOT to take on. Do you think she can pull off Hitchcock's iconic heroine?


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