Oversharing Alert… Would YOU Post Your Childbirth Video Online?

12 September 2012 by

 pregnant woman

You’ve seen their engagement photos, wedding photos… not to mention endless photos of your friends’ children.

And we bet, for many of you, you’ve politely clicked ‘like’ before swiftly unsubscribing from their posts.

But now there’s another thing that might be coming into your Facebook feed… childbirth videos. Yes, with enough screams and blood to make you think you’re watching Saw VI, it seems these are the latest way to overshare.

According to the Los Angeles Times, ‘Perhaps in an increasingly isolated world, filming births is a way to stay connected during one of life’s most intimate moments.’

And that’s the crux of it… childbirth is an INTIMATE moment. So who wants to share that with their 1,000 Facebook friends, or post on YouTube for anyone to watch?

As someone who is about six weeks away from giving birth, I can assure you this is the last thing I’d want my friends to see. Sure, I’m happy posting some pictures (especially of my cats. Yes, I’m THAT sort of person), I draw the line at sharing anything else. And oversharing. No thanks.

And for anyone watching, don’t think you’re going to get an insight into what childbirth is really like. Jodie Myers, who has been filming births for 12 years, says she edits out the slower sections like endless pushing or a 36-hour labour.

‘Some of the births on YouTube are kind of boring’, she says. ‘They are not done artistically.’

I’ll bear that in mind when I’m popping out my baby. In private and with NO video cameras, obvs.


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