Michelle Obama Delivers Sensational Speech For Hubby’s Campaign: But Should She Really Be Involved At All?

05 September 2012 by

She delivered a speech to end all speeches. The audience clapped rapturous applause, children cried… Michelle Obama brought the house down. America’s First Lady fought hard for the man she loves on Tuesday as he goes head to head in with Mitt Romney in the 2012 US election, which is now just two months away. And today her ‘heartfelt’ speech - which followed Ann Romney’s equally sickening doting speech for hubby Mitt - was hailed ‘the most devastating attack on Mitt Romney’ so far. Great for Obama – but, since he’s the one running the country, should his wife really be getting involved? And, where exactly, would a First Gentleman stand on making a speech like this on his President wife?

Michelle Obama delivering a heartfelt speech for husband Barack's 2012 election campaign

Hear us out. It’s not that we can’t acknowledge the political benefits of the ‘apolitical’ speech. We can see how mapping out Obama as the loved up teen just wanted to sweep Michelle off her feet in his rusty old banger, not having too pennies to rub together would make him appear softer – human and kind. Michelle’s clever speech didn’t attack Romney, or sound bitter – she just wanted the nation to know that her hubby is ‘one of us’. Perfect, since one of Barack’s downfalls has been his aloof and introvert appearance.

There’s no doubt Michelle is a great help to Obama and his image. She’s intelligent, extremely capable and important to him in terms of getting his job done. But what would happen if the situation was reversed? If, instead, it was Barack supporting Michelle during her election campaign? One thing would be for sure – Michelle would be slated, Barack ridiculed and there would undoubtedly be a very hairy (pun intended) feminist revolt.

It’s a great idea – and a fantastic political move by Barack. It is also anachronistic in the sense that, should it be reversed, people would be up in arms about it. We’ve not had a First Gentleman yet, but should one appear in the not too distant future, we’re not sure it’s likely he’d take as much of the limelight as Michelle. Because, though it’s OK for a wife to speak amorously about her world-leading husband, a world-leading wife should just be out there on her own. Or risk appearing to be dependent on a man: a fate worse than death.

Shouldn’t it be the same for everyone?


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