DJ Goldierocks Takes Us Behind The Scenes At The Paralympics Opening Ceremony 2012

03 September 2012 by

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If the stereotype of a DJ is of a scruffy music nerd in an oversized t-shirt then Goldierocks certainly breaks the mould. The 24 year-old has long blonde hair and has modelled for Puma - and of course, she's got some serious musical credentials to back herself up with.

Aside from presenting international radio show [a href="" target="_blank">The Selector[/a], which has an estimated audience of 4 million listeners, the DJ recently scored one of the biggest coups of her career - playing in [a href="/conversation/archive/2012/08/30/london-paralympics-2012--what-we-loved-at-the-opening-ceremony-from-professor-st.htm">the Paralympics Opening Ceremony. [/a]

And with [a href="/tag/Paralympics" target="_blank">the London 2012 Paralympics[/a] being the biggest (and we think best) Paralympic games in history, it's no wonder that taking part in the ceremony proved to be a whirlwind of excitement for all involved.

Luckily, Grazia were able to get Goldierocks to share her amazing experience with us - click through the gallery to see her behind-the-scenes photos and read what she had to say!


"My dressing room! As soon as I arrive I take 30 minutes to make it my own - I lay out my clothes, accessories, beauty products, shoes and several options of undies, then put on my dress from All Saints. Its the little rituals that just make you feel calmer and more in control."

Waiting In The Wings...

"Its a long walk from the dressing rooms to our stage wing. Its the first time Ive stepped inside the stadium and Im overwhelmed at just how vast it is - I feel a bit like Ive snuck into Disney World after hours. Here are the volunteers and mascots, all waiting nervously to get on that big glittery stage."

Minutes To Go...

"There’s hundreds of people around me - busily checking sound, costume and equipment - but I zone out from all the chaos. I take some deep slow breaths and a few last minute stretches, even though my hands are shaking. I want to enjoy this. I must not let myself get overwhelmed."

Show Time!

"The stage manager gives the call and were being wheeled out on a huge rostra in the dark. Theres a magic moment when they pull the curtains back and the entire arena, with thousands of cheering people and twinkling lights, is revealed to me. I feel like Im docking in a giant space ship. As soon as were in position centre-stage, I can see the Queen. Um, I hope she likes dubstep?!"

Paralympic Party

"We've been hyping up the crowd and dancing like maniacs for almost two hours. Then Team GB enter the arena and our part is over. The roar from the crowd is immense. Like the thunderous sound of waterfall, it makes my stage shake; glitter confetti is falling on my head, over my face and clothes, and I feel a wash of pride."

The Ultimate Seal Of Approval

"As were heading back to the dressing room, all the dancers waiting to go on stage give us high fives. Its like were passing on the energy baton. Ian McKellen gives me a squeeze. I pass Professor Stephen Hawking on the way out of the stadium and his assistant says how much he enjoyed my set.  Stephen Hawking enjoyed my set. What an inspiration on this night, never to be forgotten."


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