Are Fashion Trends Passe?

24 August 2012

An article published by the New York Times on Wednesday sparked a debate over whether fashion trends have had their day; asking ‘Are trends passé?’. It seems to be the question on everybody’s lips.

In a world where almost everyone has instant access to the internet via Android and iPhones, and social blogging sites such as Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter, it is not so surprising that people are beginning to find their own individual styles. Not only that, but the high streets are currently rammed with new designs, new labels and such a variety of different styles that it would be impossible to categorise them all under the same header.

In an interview for the New York Times, fashion blogger and photographer Garance Doré claimed with some nostalgia: “Trends, they are not as they used to be.” She harks back to the Seventies, when styles were either ‘in’ or ‘out’ of trend- with flares most certainly ‘in’ of course. The former fashion director of Bergdorf Goodman, Robert Burke, also lamented the fade of the fashion fad. “As little as a decade ago we would gather at the Ritz in Paris to come up with trend stories, which would then be translated into shop windows and advertising. Forty or fifty of us held the keys to that secret information.” Ooh la la. He also feels that fashion should have “consistency and continuity” and that designers and innovative brands recognise this.

 It is very true that when hitting the high street, people very rarely carry around a colour chart to find, say, just that right shade of terracotta. Shoppers tend to choose what they like from the abundance of styles available, not to mention those online and in magazines.

Are readers getting bored of being told what’s ‘in’ and what’s ‘out’? And has it now become unfashionable to be fashionable? Let us know, below...

- Sophie Taylor


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