Patrick Swayze! Denim hotpants! Watermelons! We celebrate 25 Years of Dirty Dancing

17 August 2012 by

Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze in Dirty Dancing, 1987

Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze in Dirty Dancing, 1987

Can you believe it's been 25 years - 25! - since Dirty Dancing came out? Women everywhere fell in love with Patrick Swayze's Johnny Castle, the ultimate bad-boy-turned-good. And who didn't watch this on repeat with our girl pals at sleepovers, singing along to every song and dancing along to every tune. Hell, there's even a Dirty Dancing drinking game!

To celebrate the quarter century anniversary of a film that defined a generation, Grazia staffers share their favourite or most memorable Dirty Dancing moment. We've even added clips, too. Enjoy...

“It’s got to be the line, 'I carried a water melon.' Every girl can relate too this, surely?!” - Sarah Shaw, Deputy Art Director

“Nobody puts Baby in a corner” is the best quote from any movie. Fact." - Becky Gee, Strategic Director, Fashion & Retail

“My most memorable Dirty Dancing moment was trying to recreate the famous lift - tipsy - at a wedding with an equally tipsy male guest. I chickened out of jumping three times before finally lunging into his arms and he promptly dropped me.” - Scarlett Russell, Entertainment Editor

“My absolute favourite scene is when Johnny teaches Baby how to dance while strutting up and down a log. Dangerous dancing at its best. I especially like when they shimmy down and do a sort of jive. All to the soundtrack of Bruce Channel’s 'Hey Baby.'" - Caroline Ferry, Fashion Assistant

“Her sister Lisa singing an out of tune 'Hula Hana' at the show rehearsal. Sadly I have the same singing voice (er, okay maybe worse).”- Louisa Pritchard, News Features Director

“I used to babysit for two children and Dirty Dancing was the ONLY video (yes, video) their mother owned. I watched it once a week for six months and would practise the 'Time of Your Life' dance in their living room for hours on end.” - Olivia Foster, Senior News Reporter

“I love this movie. In a really manly way, of course. Best moment is 'Overload' kicking in on the soundtrack, followed by Johnny smashing in his car window with a bollard (see, that's massively manly). Oh, and worst thing that's ever happened to a Dirty Dancing song: Dj Otzi covering 'Hey Baby.'” - Dan Poole, Sub Editor

Doesn't it make you want to watch the film all weekend long? We know we do.


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