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Should We ‘Work’ On Our Relationships? Following Her Split From Johnny Depp, Vanessa Paradis Says No. Do You?

Vanessa Paradis And Johnny Depp In Happier Times

True love takes graft to last, right? Well, since splitting from His Godliness Johnny Depp (sob), Vanessa Paradis has revealed that she disagrees. In a recent interview, she told French Elle that she hates it when people preach that ‘you have to work at being a couple’. She says, ‘No. You have to want to be there.’ (In case of any confusion as to why she wouldn’t ‘want to be there’ – yes, we are still talking about Johnny Depp.)

But is it as simple as that? We’ve all, sadly, been there – none of us are under any illusions that relationships are easy. Who else has been in a situation where, two years down the line, things are decidedly less rosy than they were at the beginning? Somehow that toe-wiggling spontaneity and excitement from the beginning has morphed into fights over which veg you want for tea and who did the last load of ironing. You’re at a communicative crossroads – and you’ve more or less forgotten why you were with him in the first place.

And so the talking begins. In an ideal world (and for the lucky ones), issues are easily resolved and the romance is restored. For the rest of us, it’s decided we should ‘work’ on our relationships.

And when we’re slogging so hard during the day, who really wants to go home to even more work? Just as Vanessa says, it’s the wanting to go home and see him that counts – work will only drive us away.

Some of you agree. ‘You do both have to want to be there,’ Christine McLean said on Grazia UK’s Facebook page. ‘It won't work if one of you doesn't.

‘If you are right together it works without it being hard work.’

Verona Hanlon wrote, ‘Disagree. Her point is he didn’t want to be a relationship/be there for her!!’

So, do you agree with Vanessa – should we shun working at our relationships? Voice your views!


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Elizabeth Lindsey (Wed Aug 15 19:37:03 BST 2012): She should not do interviews. She just comes off as a cold fish or something that might throw your garbage on your lawn at night.
April Irwin (Wed Aug 15 21:11:50 BST 2012): I'd be interested to read the interview in context. Also keep in mind that most of her interviews have to be translated from French. It does make a big difference in how one comes across.....If you actually paid any attention to Vanessa Paradis in the past you'd know she is warm and kind. There is a reason she and Johnny Depp managed a 14 year celebrity relationship. I'm not sure that it would have lasted long at all if she's as awful a person to throw garbage and act like a "cold fish", as you seem to portray her.
Karen Roongrojana (Thu Aug 16 13:43:19 BST 2012): no wonder her relationship didn't last if she wasn't willing to do any work. Lazy french whore.
Elizabeth Lindsey (Sun Aug 19 01:31:04 BST 2012): Point well taken they worked on it for 14 years, something worked. Break ups really are sad.