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Talia Joy Castellano: Queen Of The Make-Up Bloggers

Make-up blogger, Talia Joy Castellano

I ask you: who doesn't love a make-up tutorial? No one. Especially now, what with news that we're supposed to wear make up to 'please' our man, according to Gwen Stefani. So now would probably be a good time to mention Talia Joy Castellano's excellent make up blog (see below).

Talia is 12, but that hasn't stopped her understanding the nuances of a smoky eye, or the thrill of primers. Except that unlike Gwen and anyone else who wears make up for their other half, or indeed anyone else, Talia has been a cancer patient since 2007 and wears make-up as a way of boosting her self-esteem and confidence.

Her blog, snappily titled 'Make-upisMYwig', has already garnered over 100,000 subscribers who tune in weekly to follow her take on the latest trend, or merely to listen to the latest updates in her treatment. Talia says make up is "wig", her way of coping with strenuous bouts of chemotherapy for leukemia. This week she also revealed that she was now suffering from two cancers at the same time, a rarity: neuroblastoma and leukemia. "This is not fair to me anymore", she told her fans. "I'm only 13. I shouldn't have to be doing this…it's really not fair for kids to have cancer. It really frickin sucks."

As yet, Talia isn't sure what the next stages in treatment are. According to Jezebel, she says she's' leaning towards not doing it', which means she'd only have between four months and a year to live. She has promised to keep making videos though, viewing it a method of therapy. And as much as we love her, it certainly brings new meaning to the whole furore surrounding Gwen Stefani's reasons for wearing lipstick, doesn't it?


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Roxanne Conradson (Thu Aug 09 21:03:17 BST 2012): I love you Talia <3 Stay strong.
Celestina Adora Okoro (Thu Aug 09 21:17:23 BST 2012): Talia I promise u , u going to beat dat cancer.
Kathy Key (Fri Aug 10 05:03:39 BST 2012): please check with this dr. he is doing amazing things. Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski and his son, Dr. Gregory Burzynski, employ novel gene-target therapies in the treatment of cancer, which is the leading cause of death in the US. PLEASE check out this Dr. He is doing amazing htings. Born in the early 1940's in Poland, Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski was trained as a biochemist and a physician, and has been developing a treatment called antineoplastons over the past 35 years. He's also the Founder, President and Chairman of the Burzynski Institute, located in both Houston, Texas, and Stafford.
Noor Khan (Fri Aug 10 13:31:07 BST 2012): Talia you are great.you have great spirit.
Noor Khan (Fri Aug 10 13:33:47 BST 2012): Talia u r great fighter. Talia I promise u , u going to beat dat cancer.
Cindy Petterson (Fri Aug 10 21:50:16 BST 2012): I don't want to just say how great you are. You are amazing girl. So beautiful and so smart and such an inspiration.. we live in the beautiful, peaceful countryside of France (although our 15-yr old daughter knows all the places for kids to go during the summer) and if you and your family would like to spend some time with us, we would be honored to have you. There are so many fetes and celebrations of life going on right now that entertain all ages. Please know you and your family have a place to stay and I really think you would love it here Talia! xxoo Cindy Petterson.
Cindy Petterson (Fri Aug 10 21:54:53 BST 2012): oh, for our information: petitclos.com. August and September are wonderful months to visit sweetie. Make up or wigs are not so necessary although you and my daughter would probably have a lot in common. xx
Yonatan Gaffen (Tue Aug 14 12:48:54 BST 2012): I want to tell you that you excited people from all around the world a fact I am writing this letter from Israel. I hope they find a solution for your cancer. whet you do is really amazing I am Maybe a boy but whet you do is steel amazing. If there errors in the letter I really sorry I am 12 years old and here we don't speak English all the time so I hope theta You'll feel well so תרגישי טוב It means you'll feel good in Hebrew.
Ratika Juliana (Fri Sep 14 19:15:58 BST 2012): Stay strong Talia... you are amazing girl...xxx!
Lorna Parker (Fri Apr 26 14:10:17 BST 2013): Recomend top primers
Mildred Colburn (Fri Jul 19 10:38:00 BST 2013): I wear make up for me not for my husband or family......even not having make up on I look as young 28 yr old mind you I am 45 yrs old grandmother of two and proud......but when I wear makeup is when I'm not feeling well.....Talia Joy Castellano inspired me and touch my heart in a way I mourn like I lost one of my own....it heartbreaking my husband watching me cry for young girl that I never met but watched her youtube....i pray for her family to give them strength....