If Lindsay Lohan Does Star In Lady Gaga’s New Music Video, Can We Expect A Mini Movie?

09 August 2012 by

If Lindsay Lohan Does Star In BFF Lady Gaga’s New Music Video, Can We Expect A Mini Movie?

They’re the best of pals, but could their relationship as friends be turning (whisper it) professional?

The New York Post has reported that Lindsay Lohan is to take a starring role in Lady Gaga’s next video. A source for the paper said, “Lindsay will be starring in Gaga's new video from her upcoming album. Due to Gaga's superstar status, this would be Lindsay's biggest [role] by far in many, many years." Ouch!

It’s well known Gaga’s a fan of ‘event’ music videos. The video for Telephone was nine minutes and 31 seconds of feature-film quality that saw her and Beyonce on a Natural Born Killers/Bonnie and Clyde-style rampage. How brilliant would Li-Lo be in a similar role? The bonkers factor would be off the chain.

Also, with Lady Gaga’s upcoming role as La Chameleon in Robert Rodriguez’s Machete Kills, is there a chance she might move into acting full time? Maybe she and Lindsay could do a whole film together! Now that would be something.

To celebrate the joyful union of our two favourite nutters, here’s 5 of the best music videos featuring celeb cameos.

1.    Broken Bells-The Ghost Inside
The impossibly gorgeous Christina Hendricks stars in this wacky space adventure.

2.    Aerosmith-Jaded
An 18 year old Mila Kunis appears as a girl who is so jaded, she’s forgotten how to feel. It’s like, totally deep. 

3.    Sigur Ros - Fjögur píanó
We haven’t got a monkeys what’s going on in this one, but Shia LeBeouf does get naked so, you know, swings and roundabouts.

4.    Marcus Foster-I Was Broken
Kristen Stewart takes centre stage in this really rather beautiful black and white number by R Patz’s mate. Marcus has got a gorgeous voice on him too.  

5.    Justin Timberlake -What Goes Around Comes Around
This 9 minute mini-film charts a romance between JT and Scarlett Johansson that ends in Scar-Jo’s untimely demise. Not one for the lighthearted.

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