Finally! New Homeland Series 2 Trailer Released With Claire Danes And Damien Lewis. Are You As Excited As We Are?

09 August 2012 by

HomelandIf you’re anything like Grazia, you’ve spent the last three months wondering when you’ll find a TV show that matches up to Homeland. The drama! The suspense! The Danes!

Fortunately, the wait for the eagerly anticipated second series is drawing to a close. Autumn sees the return of the show that had us willing Sunday evenings to come around quicker. And if you can’t wait until then, the nice people at Showtime have released a trailer to tide you over.

At the end of last season *SPOILER ALERT IF YOU’RE A LITTLE BEHIND* we left Brody (Damien Lewis) running for office after failing to blow up a government building and Carrie (Claire Danes) disgraced and fired from the CIA for her erratic, bi-polar behaviour and facing electroconvulsive therapy. Blimey.

Right before the doctors began shooting volts of electricity into her brain, Carrie recalled Brody shouting the name of Abu Nazir’s son in his sleep and made the connection between the two. But alas for the American people, it was too late, the doctors had already begun and Carrie’s short term memory will be irreversibly affected.

The trailer for season two is, in a way, more frustrating than actually waiting for the show to air. It gives nothing away. It shows footage of Brody campaigning for office interspersed with scenes of his torture in captivity.  A serious voiceover man demands, ‘What happens when your country forgets you?’ There are flashes of Carrie being electro-shocked, popping pills and finally picking up a Brody 2012 campaign badge with a look in her eyes that says she’s prepared to take Brody down, no matter what.

Will Brody will have free reign to plan a more elaborate and destructive terrorist attack? Or will running for government change him into a law-abiding citizen? Either way, we can’t wait to find out. Roll on autumn.   

By Jess Commons


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