Kanye West And Kim Kardashian’s Very Public Love: 8 Signs That Kimye Are Too Much

08 August 2012 by

The KW Earrings

First it was [a href="/fashion/archive/2012/07/05/kim-kardashian-kanye-west-monochrome-style-fashion.htm">matching outfits[/a] and now Kanye West's joined the Kardashian clan and is writing songs about his reality star lady. Have Kimye gone a PDA too far?

It all started in April when [a href="/fashion/archive/2012/04/23/kimye.htm">Kim was spotted wearing gold stud earrings[/a] baring the initials ‘KW’. While we admit jewellery is a better way than a tattoo to proclaim your love for somebody as it can be easily removed, the reality TV star, who had yet to confirm her relationship with the rapper, was criticised for such a tacky display of affection. But when it comes to Kimye the PDAs don’t stop there…

The Pillow Cases (via @KimKardashian)

As we mentioned in our piece on [a href="/conversation/archive/2012/08/06/e-new-way-to-pda--his-and-hers-twitpics-from-beyonce--kim-kardashian-and-victori.htm">‘The New PDA’[/a] Kim recently tweeted a picture of her 'Prince and Princess' pillow cases with the caption 'Missing my Prince'. Funny, we've never had Kanye down as a fairy-tale fan.

The Style Evolution (via @KimKardashian)

Fashion designer Kanye has allegedly taken his lady under his wing in order to reshape her style. Gone are the Hervé Léger bandage dresses and towering YSL heels and in their place Celine, Helmut Lang and Kanye’s own footwear collection for Giuseppe Zanotti. The result? We’ll put it down as a work in progress.

The Perfect Match?

Part of Kim’s fashion development appears to include modelling herself on her man. The couple have been spotted out in everything from matching colours to his n’ hers leather pants and Kim has tweeted pics of their matching Jewellery and trainers. Posh and Becks eat your heart out.

The Oprah Confessions

Despite telling the talk show host that she didn’t want to be so open about her relationship with Kanye as she has been hurt by talking about relationships in the past, Kim preceded to talk about her relationship with Kanye. Quite a lot actually. She denied moving in with him, confirmed that she'd splashed out on a Lamborghini for his birthday and generally gushed about how happy she is.

The KUWTK Appearance

Surely for Kimye the final step in the process of officially coming out as a couple was Kanye’s induction into the Kardashian family business. We cringed our way through his debut episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians when the rapper cowered in the corner of a hotel room offering wardrobe advice to Kim while the female members of the clan loudly prepared for a big family event. Surley not the best move as far his street cred is concerned.

The Sex Diet (via @KimKardashian)

A friend of Kim's has said that the star's recent weight loss is down to what they jokingly refer to as ‘the sex diet’. Eww! It’s true that Kim has been looking seriously toned of late and, sex aside, could this new body confidence be down to her man? Kanye is reportedly a huge fan of his lady’s curves and doesn’t think she should lose weight. Whatever the reason, Kim wasn’t shy about flaunting her body when she posted bikini pictures on twitter last month with the hashtag #nophotoshop.

The Love Song

Kanye has paid Kim the ultimate compliment (we think) by penning a song about her. The problem is that although the track, which apparently makes reference to her gorgeous curves, is evidence of his growing love for the reality star, its title is not so romantic. In the traditional sense anyway. He tweeted and later deleted the message ‘I wrote the song Perfect Bitch about Kim'. Eek! We reckon the woman who advocates matching outfits, his n' her jewellery and fairytale pillow cases will probably love it!


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