The New Way To PDA: 'His And Hers' Twitpics From Beyonce, Kim Kardashian And Victoria Beckham

06 August 2012 by

Aww... isn't it lovely when a Facebook friend and their boyf get matching bf-gf profile pics. Isn't it SUPER sweet when they change their status to 'My boyfriend's the best!!! <3'and then post an Instagram of the 20 Me To You bears they've been given for Valentines Day.

We deal with these PDAs on a day to day basis, but now there are new offenders. Kim Kardashian tweeted a picture of her 'Prince and Princess' bed covers over the weekend, with the caption 'Missing my Prince'. (We hope you get to see Kanye soon, Kimmy.) It's not the first time she's tweeted a sickly sweet 'his and hers' pic - there was the matching jewellery one, the matching drinks one and of course the matching sneakers one.

She's not alone. A whole host of stars have been taking to social media to tell the world how awesome it is to be in a relationship with their significant other.

Who could forget when Katy Perry tweeted a pic of her Russell Brand nails back in September 2010? Rochelle from The Saturdays did exactly the same, tweeting a snap of her Marvin-adorned nails. This weekend, Beyonce followed suit, posting a picture on her Tumblr of nail art starring her and Jay-Z's faces. Cute or eww? The jury's still out.

If they don't have belongings that match their boyf's or their bfs printed on their nails, they're sharing pics of gifts they've bought them (see Victoria Beckham who tweeted a picture of the signed sports jersey she got David for his birthday). And if they're not sharing pics of what they've bought them, then it's pics of hotels they've stayed in together or scenes of the two of them frolicking in white linen outfits through fields of wild flowers. (Okay we made that one up.)  

As much as we are massively nosy when it comes to celeb relationships, is this new form of PDAs a tad too much? Do you enjoy this juicy insight into their lives or is it making you cringe? Have your say below…

By Kate Lloyd


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