The Inbetweeners Heads To The US, But How Will It Version Compare To The Original?

31 July 2012 by

The Inbetweeners US

It used to be us Brits couldn’t get enough of the Yanks nicking our stuff. Remember how exciting it was when the Spice Girls went global?

Lately though, we’re less keen on our culture travelling across the pond  after a spate of seriously questionable remakes of British TV shows have found themselves onto American telly. (Skins US, we’re looking at you).

So, with the US Inbetweeners pilot set to air in the States in a matter of weeks, we were hopeful that it might be the show break the mould. Early opinions suggest it’s not looking good though; reactions to the trailer have been less promising than the Inbetweeners lads’ sex lives. Comments on YouTube from angry fans range from the slightly peeved; “Didn’t laugh at all, really a disaster...,” to the downright deranged; “KILL IT WITH FIRE BEFORE IT LAYS EGGS!”

Us? We’re just wondering how ‘bus w*nkers’ will translate in the States.

Take a look at the trailer yourself then scroll down for more UK imports that failed to make the grade.


Skins USA: Clean cut American teenagers spouting words like ‘spliff’? Leave wasted youth to the British please. The show was cancelled after 10 episodes.

Shameless USA: They’re actually still making this one. Perhaps more to do with William H. Macy’s top acting skills than actual TV genius. It’s much keener than it’s UK counterpart to teach the viewer morals, and definitely suffers from the lack of Northern self-deprecation.

Coupling US: A slightly more dated venture that took place in 2007, the US version of Coupling copied the UK script word for word but did away with important things like comic timing. It was cancelled after 11 episodes.

The Office USA: For every rule there must be an exception. Steve Carrell’s The Office based on Ricky Gervais’s legendary show has become one of the most popular comedy series on both sides of the pond, now approaching its ninth series, having launched the careers of Ed Helm, Jenna Fisher and John Krasinski.

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