Today’s London Olympic’s 2012 Hero: Tom Daley (Who Is Diving TODAY People!)

30 July 2012 by

Tom Daley London Olympics 2012

Stop typing, cancel your meetings… and take a VERY long lunch break. Tom Daley is diving at 3pm today, his first appearance at London 2012. Scream!

It’s been an incredibly tough time for Tom, after his dad died of cancer in May 2011. But he’s determined to focus on the competition, and will today compete in the synchronised 10m platform with partner Pete Waterfield.

So what will be going through his head in the moments before he dives? ‘To be honest when you’re standing on the edge of the board you’ve kind of done all your preparation and you’ve done your visualisation, so you know exactly what you’re going to do’, Tom told Grazia. ‘When I'm on the end of the board, I’ll be thinking about what I need to do, my arm swing, how high I need to jump and how fast I need to spin.’

Tom Daley Pete Waterfield London Olympics 2012

Tom Daley and Pete Waterfield will compete at 3pm today

Tom is a medal favourite… so what will he do if he wins gold? ‘Probably jump up and down, scream quite a lot, run around, scream a bit more’, he told us. ‘Honestly that would be the ultimate dream. It’s going to be very tough and it’s one of those competitions that in diving you don’t know what’s going to happen until it happens. But it’s very exciting.’

Obvs here in the Grazia office we were kind of hoping for a re-run of the LMFAO video that went viral at the start of the year. So any plans for a sequel Tom? ‘Probably not on the end of the board actually! I think a sequel would ruin it - it was a one-time thing.’

We’ll be cheering him on all the way…

Tom Daley performing LMFAO's Sexy and I Know It.


Tom Daley quick fire round with Grazia

What will you eat straight after the competition?

I really like ice-cream! It’s my guilty pleasure, especially Fab ice-lollies. After my competition, I’ll have a Fab!

Do you have any good luck routines before a dive?
My whole routine generally, starts from the very bottom of the board, I go up onto the five metres which is the half-way point and I cover my eyes with my shammy.

What’s the best thing about being in the Olympic Village?

It’s the dream for any athlete to compete at the Olympics, so I think that’s the main thing about being in the Olympic Village. But I also love also the food village because there’s a 24 hour food hall which is the size of three football pitches!

And what’s your inspiration for your 2012 Games performance?
There’s loads of inspiration for me really, the fact that it’s in London is a massive inspiration and my dad is a massive inspiration.

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