Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson: Their Relationship Via YouTube Videos

27 July 2012 by

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson: The Development Of Their Love Via YouTube

We’ve poured over the grainy pics, analysed the overwrought apologies and shed a tear for poor R-Pattz, but the world is still reeling from the news about Kristen Stewart's dalliance with Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders - and rightly so. This. Is. HUGE.

So with the end of the entity known as 'Robsten' suddenly a horrifying possibility, we've turned on our favourite power ballad and trawled through the couple's greatest video moments (thank you, YouTube).

From their first ever interview together on the set of that little film called Twilight to an appearance at Comic Con just weeks ago, here are some of Kristen and Rob's sweetest appearances and awfully cute quotes throughout the years. Will there be more magic moments to come? We sure hope so.

1. Twilight, 2008

It all began back in 2008 when Catherine Hardwicke cast indie actress Kristen as Bella Swan before choosing a scruffily-haired Brit called Rob to play her sparkly vampire boyfriend. This MTV interview with the fresh-faced pair was done during the first stages of filming and, phewf, that chemistry is palable.

Cute quote: 'Kristen's the best actress of our generation and that's why I wanted to do this movie.' - R-Pattz

2. MTV Awards, 2009

Who could forget when the sumptuously becoiffed Rob and Kristen picked up their first ever award for Best Kiss? Although they refused to smooch on-stage, they got pretty darn close  making Twihards (and us) squeal with delight. They've since won the same award THREE times but what's gonna happen if they take home the honours for Breaking Dawn 2?! Gulp.

Cute quote: All Kristen says is 'Thank you SO much!' but, let's be honest, they didn't need to say anything else, did they?


3. Comic Con, 2009

By the time the couple hit Comic Con to promote New Moon, rumours were rampant that they were a full-on couple. Kristen had her Joan Jett 'do, Robert was working his laidback lumberjack style and they were acting like a pair of giggling teens. Forget Brangelina, these two were the true demonstration of on-screen love becoming really, really real in real life. Aw.

Cute quote: 'When you're a guy and you find yourself being so in love with get so obsessed with the fact that you're not good enough because you keep elevating the other person higher and higher.' - R-Pattz

4. Oprah, 2010

We loved it when Rob and Kristen (oh, and Taylor Lautner) rocked up to Oprah during Eclipse promotions, but our fave clip from the whole shindig was this candid backstage interview. After years - years! - of speculation about their blossoming romance, the couple were still staying schtum but just look at that body language! The knowing glances! More giggling! We sigh.

Cute quote: 'Let me just get his shirt off real quick.' - K-Stew

5. Comic Con 2012

And finally, this is R-Stew / K-Pattz's most recent interview to discuss the final Twilight film. Kristen seems more confident than ever (hello cheeky crop top!) while Rob is being typically adorable, making his girl laugh by playfully pretending to push her off her stool. Goodness, it's almost too painful to watch! We said almost.

Cute quote: 'When you meet people that you want to embark on a creative endeavour with, it's so intense and exciting that it's palable. You're like: it's him!' - K-Stew

You can see the signs, can't you? Oh really Kristen, how COULD you!


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