Do Women Feel Sexiest at 28? Apparently so!

26 July 2012 by

Are you 28? Good news! You’ve embraced your sex appeal and are at your sexual peak. 27? No problem, it’s all to come. 26? You can chill the hell you you’ve got years to mess up.

If, like me, you’re 29 - well what now? Is it all over? Have I peaked ? It’s an interesting statistic (which comes courtesy of Lil-lets ‘We Are Women’ campaign) – that 28 is the sexiest age because as my colleague tells me, 28 is the ‘golden year’, the year for change, the year to go travelling, the year that you makes you. Another colleague (who turns 28 today) is intrigued: ‘My first thought as I woke up 28 years of age this morning was ‘can I have 10 more minutes in bed please?’ And not because I was frolicking about 50 Shades style. I’m tired. This last year has kicked my arse. But everyone keeps telling me that 28 is the year amazing stuff happens so if that includes feeling sexier then bring it on.’ My desk buddy (also 28) begs to differ, though: ‘I think 25 was my peak. Or 27 – my hair was better then’.

In my case, 28 was a productive year. It was also a tricky year. I had a job, left a job and started a new job (hiya!)I also went from being engaged to being single to being back in a relationship. Now in my mind, there’s nothing less sexy than a break up. Ditto the strange, spiralling break-up weight that follows and definitely ditto the happy weight that follows getting (back) together with someone. Character-building, yes, sexually-defining, less so. But there were moments that equally I’d describe as golden. I got my hair to a desired length and yes, felt sexier. But other than that, it was highly variable.

But then define sexy? In my mind, sexiness is intrinsically linked with confidence which goes hand in hand with maturity. I felt as sexy and 27 as I did at 28, although there were moments that I felt sexier when I was 24, and getting together with my boyfriend. I must have been sexy to him at least, even if I wasn’t terribly confident?

According to this survey, however, women are most confident at 32 so maybe this is all wrong. We can only conclude then that the whole survey is arbitrary. It’s depends on your relationship/social/work/friend status. And people certainly peak at different ages. I for one peaked mentally at 11, I’m sure. And it’s all been downhill ever since. Still it’s comforting news for Pippa Middleton (28), bad news for Beyonce (30) and intriguing news for Lady Gaga for whom the best is yet to come. Apparently.


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