Anne Hathaway On Becoming Catwoman in 'Dark Knight Rises': Exclusive Interview

23 July 2012 by

Grazia Daily: What was it like to join the Dark Knight franchise in its last installment?

Anne Hathaway: I knew that the franchise was extraordinary. I’d seen the films and Chris is, rightly so, regarded as the greatest living filmmaker. I was really excited to be a part of it. I was apprehensive that I would be the new kid, that I might stick out like a sore thumb in a way that I didn’t want to. But everyone was really inclusive. Chris made me feel right at home right from the beginning, and was great at giving me wonderful direction and where to start with with the character. And so by my third day on set I didn’t remember that I hadn’t been in the first two films. I felt very much at home and very accepted.

G: How did you embrace the character of Catwoman?

AH: I’ve heard Gary say this, and I’ve only done one, he’s done three, he can speak to it with much greater authority than I can. It’s very important to embrace the world, and embrace the world of Gotham, and even though this is based on a comic book, to embrace it as a real world. Once you do that, that kind of takes care of some of the self-consciousness you would feel doing these things that, on a day to day experience you would never ever do or dream of doing. But all of a sudden that heightened reality becomes reality. I just trusted Chris, is really what I did. And I trusted the people that he put in place to guide me into my character. And I did whatever they told me and tried not to let them down.

G: Did you have fun shooting The Dark Knight Rises?

AH: It was very fun. I was scared actually sometimes that I was having too much fun. I thought I should be working a bit harder. This is the sort of movie where the harder you worked the more fun it was.

G: What was it like to work with Christopher Nolan?

AH: I think one of the things that I really learned from his is that being stressed out won’t make a better product. He is so brilliant. He is so capable, he knows every aspect of filmmaking, inside out, backwards and forwards. But, he never loses his cool, there are crazy stunts going around, he stays completely calm, so I learned a lot about, in a way, how to approach life, not just life from that. And he’s a really good person. I don’t know why but I’ve always imagined that if someone is that talented, that successful, that brilliant, that they would maybe lose their humanity in some way and he just hasn’t. He’s a deeply wonderful person, as well as being an extraordinary filmmaker.

G: What was it like to work with Christian Bale?

AH: I loved working on this movie because, even though we were working on characters based from a comic book, everybody took it so seriously. They took their craft very seriously. Sometimes on movies, I’d been made to feel like my acting process was maybe a little bit indulgent or pretentious, on this movie it was completely supported and embraced and encouraged. I think that’s because Christian has such a great process. Chris was so happy with Christian’s results. First of all he’s an amazing actor, but he’s had three films to really get inside this character, and where he’s able to go in this film, it defies the imagination. And he does, and he is impressive but he is also vulnerable, he makes you feel for him so much. I think it’s a masterful performance. I felt really lucky to be acting opposite him in as many scenes as I was.

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