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Singer Jessie Ware On Fashion, London and Eyebrows: EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW

Jessie Ware, 26, is the hottest upcoming songstress to come out of 2012. Having sung on the vocals for SBTRKT and been a backing singer for the likes of Damon Albarn, the singer-songwriter is finally ready to step into the spotlight. We talk to her about music, fashion and er, her eyebrows...

Grazia Daily: It's Music Festival season! Who are you looking forward to?
Jessie Ware: I’m really looking forward to seeing Stevie Wonder at Bestival and I really want to see Lana Del Rey live. I caught some of her performance at Radio One Hackney Weekend and I thought it was really great. She looked charming, adorable and kooky. I like the whole shebang with her, it’s exciting, it’s very feminine and I like that.

GD: Are you quite into vintage fashion?
JW: Yeah I am, sometimes I think it’s better. I find that otherwise someone else will always be wearing the thing that you’re wearing. I definitely like to mix and match.

GD: You wear amazing sunglasses in your 110% music video, what’s your favourite shape for this summer?
JW: You’re the first person to point them out! Those were Charlotte Olympia. They tried to cut that shot but I said no! In general, I’m a real Ray Ban girl, you can’t go wrong, I'm definitely a wayfarer girl. I'm also a big Persol fan.

GD: What pressures are there for women in the music industry?
JW: I think girls like to dress up and look good so maybe they give themselves the pressure!

GD: How long have you been trying to get into music?
JW: I didn’t think I was going to be a singer. I used to enjoy playing music with my friends and then I got a chance to be a backing singer. It all happened quite naturally; it was all one step from another. I started as a backing singer singing for my mate, and then as a singer in a church. It wasn’t a conscious thing because I never thought it could happen. I feel really lucky. I’ve always loved singing but I get very nervous before I go on stage now. It’s nerve-wracking but it's ok once you’re into the second song I think.

GD: Where do you get the ideas for your music videos?
JW: I’ve got the most fond memories of the first one because it was pretty incredible to be doing my own music video! I surprised myself by how much I went over the top in the performance. I used to do musicals in primary school so maybe that's where I get it from. I really enjoyed the look on the last one because it felt very stripped back and it felt a bit more natural and I liked that. It was a spinning chair but didn't make me dizzy because the chair spins very, very slowly.

GD: What do you love most about London?
JW: I love going over the bridges in London, especially at night. I think my favourite one is Waterloo Bridge. I really want to go and see the Olympics. I’m really excited about them. I’ve been maybe given a ticket to archery, and I’ll definitely go.

GD: Eyebrows are big in beauty at the moment and everyone always comments on how amazing yours are! How do you keep them groomed?
JW: I fill them in. I love this Benefit pack that my really good friend got me. It’s wicked. I’ve always had thick eyebrows so I’ve learned to embrace them.

GD: You seem to shop a lot of vintage stuff, where do you get fashion inspiration from?
JW: It varies, I love wearing dresses, but when I’m feeling confident, I like to channel Whitney Houston in 'The Bodyguard'!

GD: Who would be your dream person to collaborate with in the future? And what would you say your musical influences are?
JW: I would love to work with Nas or get Kanye West to produce something. My influences are definitely Soul, R’n’B and dance music.

GD: If you had to describe your music to someone who had never heard it before, what would you call it?
JW: Romantic and electronic!

Jessie is being mentored by Joe Goddard as part of BACARDI Beginnings. BACARDI.com/beginnings


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