Adele Is Seven Months Pregnant – But When Is The Right Age To Have A Baby?

11 July 2012 by

Adele Is Seven Months Pregnant 

So, just a couple of weeks after her wonderful news was announced, it seems that Adele has been keeping the secret for a lot longer than we first though – seven months, in fact. According to a source (and heat magazine), she is now due to have her baby in a two months’ time. Blimey: Not. Expecting. That.

The singer is, like, totes in love with her beau Simon Konecki, who she has been in a relationship with since late last year. And, of course, she’s one of the richest women in the music industry after a phenomenal year which saw her career reach unbelievable heights, and millions of people unconsciously humming the tune to ‘Someone Like You’ for what seemed like an eternity. But at just 24-years-old can she really be ready to be a mum?

In this week’s Grazia, writer Sophie Heawood says at 24, she too felt broody. But, like many of us, still felt there was too much left to accomplish – in our twenties, shouldn’t we be making the most of our freedom to work hard, party hard and still have the weekends to recover?

Sophie even confesses to feeling smug when some of her friends decided to settle down in their mid-twenties with their ‘nice-enough’ partner. ‘They’ll regret it, I thought,’ she says.

But when she ended up pregnant at 35 – minus the ‘perfect’ baby-daddy, house and garden she imagined would be present when she became a mum – she realised that in reality, you may never find the ‘perfect time’ to have a child. (And, let’s face it – it’s unlikely it ever existed.)

Trouble is, at 24, most of us still feel like half a child ourselves – so not in the least responsible enough to take care of another one for the rest of our lives – which is why it seems so premature for Adele to be settling down. Plenty of 24-year-olds (myself included) would still admit to erratically blowing all our wages in the first week of the month, and then living off cereal for the last three, or consciously dating completely unsuitable guys ‘just to get it out of my system’.

And after all, you’re not ‘serious’ about your career if you settle down too early are you? Maybe you’re even ‘boring’ for having a family young, whilst everyone else is apparently having the time of their lives? After hearing this so many times growing up, even if we wanted to many ‘career-driven’ women in their twenties would reconsider being vocal about wanting to have a baby at such a young age – or actually getting pregnant – to save losing out at work early on, to save face with older peers and even friends of the same age.

The same stigmas are still there, but as Isabel Mohan tells Grazia this week, ‘Adele has achieved far more than most women double her age’. True, and unlike the rest of us, Adele has time and money on her side – not to mention a supportive partner. Does her over-achievement mean she’s grown-up faster than the rest of us? Or is it just that everyone feels ‘ready’ at different times? A bit of both, perhaps.

But whatever it is – she’s happy. And, regardless of her age, we’re happy for her too. What about you?



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