Kate Middleton Appears With Rotten Teeth On US Magazine Cover: Satirical Or Just Rude?

09 July 2012 by

Kate Middleton Appearing on The New Republic's Front Cover With Rotting Teeth

Her long brown locks are still luscious, her skin enviably flawless - but as Kate Middleton graces the cover of a US magazine this week, the pearly whites we're so used have vanished. And in place of the Duchess of Cambridge's once dazzling smile are - wait for it - yellow, rotting teeth. Not. So. Hot.

Yep THIS WEEK, politics and arts magazine The New Republic Photoshopped Kate into the image of a ‘stereotypical brit’ (in American terms, this translates wholly to: bad teeth - deep), and place her beside a bedraggled Union Jack and the words ‘Something’s Rotten. The Last Days of Britain.’

The magazine has a point to make. And – we geddit – they’re not doing it by halves. Inside they jibber on about the state of the United Kingdom ahead of the Olympics, criticising our government, causing outrage online. But defacing Kate? Actual Princess Kate? Really?

Of course, many readers have dismissed the cover as simple satire – saying that it should be taken with a pinch of salt, if that - one even said that she still looked lovely with rotten teeth (sozza Kate, but don’t give up the Pearl Drops yet). And, obviously, they have successfully drummed up the publicity they were hawking after when they plotted the cover. But others have criticised the magazine as being ‘second-rate’ and ‘juvenile at best’, and branded the cover ‘tasteless’ and ‘disrespectful’ even if it is satire. Hmm. Would it be satirical for us to deface, say, Barack Obama and stick him on a front page?

And, despite the joke being on Brits in general, Kate can hardly be tarred with the bad-teeth-brush. In fact, she spent up to £11,000 having her teeth polished and turned last year, even allowing French dentist Didier Fillion to use a hidden brace to make them appear a little crooked and ‘un-American’.

Kate Middleton At Wimbledon This Weekend

'He did some little micro-rotations on Kate,' his dentist Bernard Touati revealed. 'That’s why they look so good – because they are not perfectly aligned.

'The problem in the United States is they have very artificial vision. But what we like is a natural healthy smile, but not artificial.'

Though Clarence House, who look after the Royals, have kept schtum about the incident so far, we’re not sure Kate’s going to be too chuffed.

But what do you think? Is it just a satirical prank? An ill-judged publicity stunt? Or just plain rude? We want to hear your views on Kate Middleton's teeth!


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George Bokor (Mon Jul 09 17:22:53 BST 2012): just plain rude.
Valerie Evans (Mon Jul 09 22:39:34 BST 2012): I have lived in the states for 11 years and have seen plenty of rotten american teeth. not all americans have great teeth..
Andy Oliver (Fri Sep 14 17:47:59 BST 2012): nice teeth... fat bastards
Jackson Kentebe (Fri Sep 21 05:08:19 BST 2012): A new low for the Americans. Try doing that to an Obama picture and see how fast the nationalistic douchbags would cut off your head.
John Gitto Sr. (Sat Sep 22 06:05:28 BST 2012): Total lack of respect.
Eric Christopher (Wed Oct 03 02:53:26 BST 2012): Oh give me a fucking break. The English population is obese as hell too.
Jackson Kentebe (Mon Oct 08 04:17:28 BST 2012): Yeh, sure, like maybe one percent compared to the what more than eighty percent in the states. I lived there before and could never find my waist size why because the malls were full of minimum waist length 60. So, think before you write.
Eric Christopher (Mon Oct 08 05:42:14 BST 2012): Cool story, bro. Too bad yours is based on anecdotal evidence ("i lived there before..." blah blah blah), which doesn't mean a whole lot. Why don't you try some empirical evidence on for size? http://www.nationmaster.com/graph/hea_obe-health-obesity
Eric Christopher (Mon Oct 08 06:03:22 BST 2012): And yes, I understand the difference between the United Kingdom and England, but there is still evidence that England itself is fat; http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1173225/ (granted, the data is 11 years old, but it seems highly unlikely that the trend has significantly reversed itself). That being said, I also feel compelled to say that this American happens to be rather intensely infatuated with your Princess Kate, and agree that the picture was in poor taste.
Tima M. Taan (Thu Nov 22 00:22:18 GMT 2012): do they think we haven't heard about photoshop yet?
Jackson Kentebe (Thu Nov 22 07:40:57 GMT 2012): Believe I totally understand the need to go on the defensive especially if we are suffering from the same obese conditions, like you are. I totally understand, but quoting the same nation master, you will find that the United States still has the honor and luxury of being the most obese in the world http://www.nationmaster.com/graph/hea_obe-health-obesity and even when more detailed research is done by the WHO, guess who takes the 8th prize without the UK appearing at all, the United States http://www.globalpost.com/photo-galleries/5682400/top-10-most-obese-countries-the-world-photos#8 So instead of denying a reality which you yourself are suffering from, you should embrace it and be proud of it, if i said in a diplomatic enough fashion for you. The 3, by the way for the UK means nothing as based on my looking for cloths, i was never able to get my size in majority of the US stores which was a waist size 31, in contrast to the over 50's waist size I saw there. That is a reality and its also a reality that in the UK, I am able to find my size with seconds of my looking for it. The shops want to sell, want business, if there were not that many obese in America, do you think they would just have the cloths there for show!!!!!!!!!! Think again.
Claudio Frollo (Sun Jul 07 23:39:24 BST 2013): That is the true British proof of living in Britain, of course rich and famous people can be excluded as they can have expensive dentist treatments abroad, plus they are less stressed than your average UK citizen to asphyxiate themselves with cheap coffee and countless cigarettes each day of their pathetic miserable days. You could say it's rude then again we are not living in a world filled precisely with respect and this photo its merely being sarcastic, its not like she is a goddess, or has done so much for humanity either way. Lived in UK for several 8 years amongst the not so lucky people with perfect teeth ;)
Sally Ann Ansah (Mon Jul 08 19:33:44 BST 2013): Obviously Photoshop, were not stupid
Demeter Jones (Thu Jul 11 17:52:26 BST 2013): Eric Christopher most yanks are fat these days. deal with it, Brits ain't half as fat as you lot over the pond.