Make-Up Free Holly Willoughby Branded ‘Anti-feminist’, Now A Woman Claims She Was Sacked For Wearing Too Much. Can Women Ever Win?

06 July 2012 by

How Much Is Too Much? And, Frankly, Who Cares?

Last week, GraziaDaily reported on columnist Liz Jones’ suggestion that the lovely Holly Willoughby was ‘anti-feminist’ for tweeting a make-up free photo of herself. This week, Francine Siddaway claims she was sacked from her hospital job for wearing too much make-up. Seriously come on, girls. There are rules about these things aren’t there? Sort it out, yeah?

Er, or not. In fact, probably just wear as much or as little make up as you like. Because last time we checked, women had been blessed with a small right named choice. And we’re sort of used to having it. But it seems that not everyone is down with that (yes you, Liz) – and it’s not cool.

Francine, who is now taking her claim against Addenbrooke's Hospital in Cambridge to court since losing her job as a cleaner, says she was singled out because of her penchant for ‘Egyptian’ style make-up. Addenbrookes say it breached their ‘health and safety legislation’. Francine says, ‘My make-up is my armour - it makes me feel confident.

'They say my make-up is 'offensive'… I went to the interview for the job [three years ago] wearing this style of make-up and I have worn it ever since.

'It is pretty obvious why they have now suddenly decided they have a problem with my make-up - at the same time as job cuts.'

Ok, so Francine’s make-up is heavier than many would choose to wear (there it is again: that nifty little ‘choice’ thing). And there is, of course, an argument for wearing a work-appropriate amount, the same as a man would be expected to wear a suit or tie when applicable. But who decides what is appropriate? And, frankly, why does it matter? Go bare-faced and you might be accused as working against The Womanhood, or labelled ‘haggard’ and ‘past it’ as Hilary Clinton was when she appeared wearing little make up at a press conference a few months back.

If it’s decided you’re wearing too much, you might face a fate similar to Francine – jobless at 28, sacked over excess eyeliner abuse and now facing a lengthy court battle.

Really. Can women ever win?


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