The 5 Things Grazia Learnt From Katy Perry’s Tour Film, Part Of Me 3D

03 July 2012 by

With the London premiere tonight and the general release of Katy Perry’s tour film Part of Me 3D this week – we’ve seen it, it’s amazing – Grazia Daily brings you the top five things we learnt about the songstress – apart from her ability to make us all weepy that is…

What We Learnt From Katy Perry’s Tour Film Part Of Me

1.       Katy REALLY likes sweets
Well you might have been able to guess this one given all the candy themed everything on her tour but it doesn’t end there. When doing meet and greets with her fans Katy could be seen handing out all sorts of sweet treats to her fans – who she adores – we kind of want to go and do one ourselves.
2.       Katy had a hard time making it to the top
When K-Pez burst onto the music scene in 2008 it seemed like she was pretty much an over-night success. Little did we know however, that prior to this Katy had been dropped by not one but two record labels as they struggled to work out how to market her to a mass audience. Watching her struggle to the top makes it all the more heart-warming that she actually got there.
3.       Katy truly believed Russell Brand was ‘the one’
Possibly the saddest – and soon to be most talked about – element of the film is the section which chronicles the break down of her marriage to Russell Brand. Whilst it’s not exactly explained why the pair split it’s pretty clear that Katy didn’t want the relationship to end. Even admitting in a pre-divorce interview, ‘I think and maybe this is just the fantasy idea that I have inside my head, I think, honestly, that I found the love of my life’. So when a distraught Katy is seen sobbing at her concert in Brazil it makes for some pretty tough watching.
4.       Katy is best mates with her sister
Through the film there’s one person who sticks by Katy’s side through thick and thin, her sister Angela. From nursing her through her break up to getting on stage with her to perform she’s there every step of the way. We almost want to give her a hug too.
5.       Katy uses a deodorant called Lady Speed Stick
How do we know this? Because we once had to buy some in LA and the name made us laugh. Still does if we’re being honest.

For an exclusive clip from the film, click here.

by Olivia Foster



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