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Holly Willoughby Exclusive Interview: ‘I Would Care What Liz Jones Says If I Had Any Respect For Her’

Holly Willoughby Exclusive: ‘I Would Care What Liz Jones Says If I Had Any Respect For Her’

Last week, Liz Jones launched a 1000 word offensive at Holly Willoughby and her ‘dewy’, make-up free face. Amongst an assortment of equally demoralising insults, such as labelling Holly a ‘drag queen’, Liz said Holly’s decision to post a photograph of her fresh-faced gorgeousness on Twitter was ‘anti-feminist’. We disagreed.

Now, as Holly becomes the new – fully made-up – face of Oral-B 3D White toothpaste, Grazia Daily caught up with her to find out what she felt about the whole Daily Mail-induced affair.

'Strangely, because it was her, it didn't bother me so much,' she told us. 'If my mum said that to me, I'd be devastated but if you don't have an awful lot of respect for somebody in the first place, then it's hard to get upset about it. It's almost to be expected from her.'

And modest Holly shrugged off the suggestion from thousands who have branded Liz Jones ‘jealous’. 'Goodness know what's going on in her head, eh? I'm not sure I even want to find out!'

Bare Faced Holly Willoughby In The Snap That Ignited Last Week's Debate

Though she admitted she does read negative opinions written about her, Holly said that she lets any negativity pass her by. 'It's not even about having a thick skin,’ she explained. ‘You just go, "okay". You can only let things bother you if you let them in.’

Looking stunning as always, in a blue Miu Miu dress and Kate Middleton-esque nude heels, Holly said that she was pleased to have friends like Philip Schofield (who tweeted ‘I swear there can be no greater force against all womankind than Liz Jones. She is inconsistent, bitter, nasty and unhinged’ following the columnists’ outburst) as well as the public behind her at what must have been an unsettling time.

'Phil's my friend and if someone upsets your friend, you're going to defend them and that's exactly what he did,' she said.

She was also grateful not only for Grazia Daily's support but those of you who commented on our story. 'I saw what you guys wrote and I really appreciated it,' she said. 'It was nice that people reacted in the way they did rather than saying "I agree!" - which would have been awful'.

But Holly’s the first to concede that not everyone has been pleasant – and so she sympathises with others whose life has been made hell by online trolls. Unlike many, who say we should ignore it, Holly thinks we should be standing up to internet bullies. 'We've had people on the sofa who've said trolling online has affected their life so badly that you do have to make a stand. When these stories first started coming through, we said you can't police Twitter but actually we've proved that that's wrong.

'The beauty of Twitter is that it's people's opinions so you can't only expect the nice ones. It's great to have feedback on both sides and if you don't like it, don't read it. I'm actually quite lucky because most people are nice to me on Twitter and if there's anything that's nasty, I just scroll past.'

The This Morning presenter and Celebrity Juice regular also let us into her beauty bag secrets – for when she chooses to wear a bit of war paint (disclaimer: not for Liz Jones’ pleasure). So from her top glamming-up tips to the perfect celebrity smile, read the rest of our exclusive Q&A with Holly here.

by Zoe Beaty and Jessica Vince


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Evanthea Marsh (Tue Jul 03 11:35:56 BST 2012): Have you seen the state of Liz Jones? My point exactly-jealously is an ugly trait in people.
Bernadette Doyle (Tue Jul 03 12:25:25 BST 2012): who is Liz Jones?
Evanthea Marsh (Tue Jul 03 13:12:02 BST 2012): She is a journalist for the daily mail or similar paper. Anyway read the article and you will be clearer on it... ;
John Cal McCormick (Tue Jul 03 16:39:13 BST 2012): Liz Jones is an idiot. She wants firing out of a cannon into the middle of the sea. It wouldn't bother me, but she's more detrimental to feminist issues than Holly Willoughby could ever be, and considering that's the cause she's championing here (and one I'd champion myself) I find it utterly cringe inducing. Get back to your cage and stop perpetuating the dreadful "old hag feminists hate men and pretty ladies" stereotype that people who genuinely care about equality are trying so hard to avoid.
Nino Amoroso (Tue Jul 03 16:44:25 BST 2012): holly is simply gorge.while liz is just sad.
Jil Ribchester Davies (Tue Jul 03 19:17:14 BST 2012): Respect to Holly! My opinion of her has just gone up massively. Where as my opinion of wingey bag features couldn't get any lower.
Laura Moyles (Tue Jul 03 20:03:28 BST 2012): Liz Jones = Evil stepmother from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.
Karen Lowe (Tue Jul 03 20:26:15 BST 2012): Holly is a beautiful woman!
Banjo Robins (Wed Jul 04 10:41:59 BST 2012): As someone who rarely wears make-up and at the risk of sounding bitchy, I saw the picture Liz Jones posted of herself first thing in the morning. In my opinion, she looked a right dog. She ought to be told that bitterness east away at your looks as well as your soul.
Banjo Robins (Wed Jul 04 10:42:50 BST 2012): or even eats away.
Celia Vazquez (Wed Jul 04 11:08:59 BST 2012): Liz Jones is one of the most bitter and miserable women on the planet. Holly actually seems happy and seems to enjoy a laugh - and that makes her even more attractive than she already is.
Kim Power (Thu Jul 05 01:15:48 BST 2012): Latest is that at 53 (I think?) Liz now feels comfortable wearing a bikini...???... Most of us are imperfect but come to realise that as long as we make the best of ourselves, we are seen for what we are and feel we are kind of acceptable...but time and again, everything is an uphill struggle for her, which she tells us she combats with plastic surgery and countless beauty procedures.... Liz's articles which are more or less the equivalent of the 'Psychiatrist's Chair', airing every insecurity or intimate problem in public, almost as therapy and a way to accept herself...BUT I am ashamedly one of the thousands who read her stuff and so pay her wages to write what she does...so really, I think what we get is what we deserve.
Annie Rose Johnson (Thu Jul 05 12:32:56 BST 2012): I'd say Holly did a brilliant thing, posting that picture! Well done to her for promoting self confidence among women.
Catherine Toase (Sun Jul 29 01:46:51 BST 2012): Surely some of us can have a sense of humour here? Holly's lovely crafted 'natural' photo of herself....the soft lighting and the teasing hair in the eyes in a girlish, sexy way...is that not just a little narcisstic and irritating for a woman in her 30s? It's hardly a 'good fun', frightful, 'first thing in the morning' pic, to make us laugh and sympathise, so what IS the point she's making? I think Liz Jones is probably unhinged as you all say, but she has a good cynical eye, all the same :-)