As Kate Middleton's Look-alike Promotes Panda Cabs, Here Are The Top 5 Duchess Parodies

02 July 2012 by

Given the Duchess of Cambridge can do no wrong, K-Middy spoofs are two-a-penny. Which is good because who doesn’t like a spoof? No one.

1. Panda Cabs Ad

And so to China, where Kate Middleton is starring in a new advert to publicise 'Panda Cabs', specially painted black cabs which are supposed to promote tourism in the Chinese city of Chengdu during the Olympics. Go figure.

We jest of course because it’s not Kate. Go on, zoom in. See? No, not Kate, rather a lookalike who looks (a little bit) like Kate, flanked by someone who vaguely resembles Prince William and an old lady who bears no resemblance whatsoever to the Queen. Dismal, yes, but we’re all talking about it. And isn’t that the point of a marketing viral? Congratz, Panda Cabs.

2. Kate Middleton's 99 Problems

Last April, British comedian Jenny Bede brought out a home-shot parody of Kate’s then pre-nuptual concerns, rapped (rather adeptly we should add) to Jay Z’s 99 Problems. The 99 problems being: the dress/cake/hair/bridesmaids/canapés/family politics, and the non-problem being a prince. Fair point, really.

3. William and Kate

Less a parody this one, more a low-brow cash cow. Last year, US TV network Lifetime brought out a film – William and Kate - which charted "the ups and downs of their nine-year courtship complicated by social and royal family pressures". It was of course dreadful – think open fires, rubs accents, Kate caving under the pressure by getting smashed and so on – but still, actress Camilla Luddington did go on to stardom in True Blood. So, who’s the real winner.

4. K-Pez Does P-Midd

4. K-Pez Does P-Midd

It was only a matter of time before Saturday Night Live lampooned Kate Middleton, choosing to take the heir-angle. In the skit, the Queen (played by Portlandia’s Fred Armisen)  criticises Kate, played by SNL regular, Abby Elliot, for not being pregnant. Cue a cameo by Katy Perry as Pippa and a slew of ass jokes. The American crowd loved it. The British media took it personally. Drama ensued and the video was removed.

5. 'When Will He Marry Me?'

Chenille Steele took a rather archaic approach to Kate Middleton’s single gal, penning her own marriage-pining lyrics to ‘As Long As He Needs Me’ from Oliver! Madly out of date now of course, but well sung good effort, Chenille. Good name, too. Fabric-y.


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