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Liz Jones Says Holly Willoughby Is ‘Anti-Feminist’ For Going Bare Faced. Do We Agree? Er, No.

Holly Willoughby No Make Up

Holly Willoughby had the bare-faced cheek (pun intended) to tweet a picture of herself with no make-up on this week. I, too, at this moment am not wearing any make-up. What do we both have in common? According to Liz Jones, quite a lot. Because of course, in the Land of The Jones, our bare faces are the tell-tale sign that we are anti-feminists: cleansing wipes in hand, teaming up against womankind.

Ok, so there was a little more to it. The crux of the argument being that Liz believes that Holly was guilty of ‘not admitting all the effort’ that went into her troll-awakening twitpic, which she accompanied with, ‘I'm not out of my pj's yet! X Lunch done, Me however still in nightie! Makeup!’.

Liz branded Holly a ‘drag queen’, with ‘teeny, tiny pores’ and ‘the ultimate playground bully’. She believes that by going bare-faced, Holly is saying to the rest of the world that she’s ‘too busy to wear make-up at home’. Er, aren’t we all? The Daily Mail columnist accuses her of lying about the amount of enhancement (eyelash dye, hair extensions and fake tan) she’s used in the photo, and kindly publishes a photograph of her own ‘morning face’. (Thanks for that, Liz.)

Liz Jones No Make Up

Trouble is, feminism is not about make-up at all, whether you admit to how much you’re wearing or not. It’s about choice and not being pressured into wearing more or less war paint than you feel comfortable in. Not being pressured by men, friends, or columnists in newspapers.

And, after the furore of men and women standing up for Holly since Liz’s remarkable revelations (including Philip Schofield, who tweeted, ‘I swear there can be no greater force against all womankind than Liz Jones. She is inconsistent, bitter, nasty and unhinged.’ Ouch) it seems it’s Liz that’s the only one appearing anti-feminist – completely undermining the whole point of her piece (and, if you read it carefully, not for the first time).

We say: keep tweeting Holly. But who's side are you on? Was Holly being 'anti-feminist'? Or is Liz Jones stepping over the line? Voice your views below!


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George Hopwood (Fri Jun 29 20:23:11 BST 2012): Liz is a jealous mental. Simple. Hypocritical too; she reckons that's her natural face but clearly her eyebrows aren't as nature intended. Fool.
Michaela O'Brien (Fri Jun 29 20:47:14 BST 2012): Who gives a shit... And (this is why women will never rule the world).
Paul May (Fri Jun 29 21:01:00 BST 2012): Liz is a jealous...becuse she is ugly.
Maggie Main (Fri Jun 29 21:24:47 BST 2012): What a idiot that Liz Jones is, we love you Holly, I for one will not buy that paper again, get a grip woman.
James Harper (Fri Jun 29 21:30:26 BST 2012): ...because women irrationally hate on each other? Sadly I agree.
Annette Jean McGarvie (Fri Jun 29 21:49:21 BST 2012): What a tit!
Carolyn Astbury (Fri Jun 29 23:08:08 BST 2012): Who cares thought Holly looked v good was thinking that I hope my skin could look like that, lol. However I wear no make up as I really have little time I write on these while feeding baby number 3 in 3 yrs. Anti feminist is what u decide it is quite clearly. I choose what's best for me not the outside world. :)) xxx
Alison Adebowale (Sat Jun 30 01:45:28 BST 2012): yes maybe Micheala who gives a shit! and maybe thats the world is so much shit-is because MEN mainly rule the world !! just think about it Miss Brains 2012 !
Sally Al-Roubaie (Sat Jun 30 02:20:11 BST 2012): Shame that Liz has to make herself feel better about her own insecurities by making confident women feel as though they've got something to be ashamed off. Now that is what I call bullying!
Paul Block (Sat Jun 30 07:19:48 BST 2012): Last paragraph: it is "whose side..." not "who's side...". As for Liz and Holly, I couldn't give a dingo's kidneys.
James Harper (Sat Jun 30 08:32:23 BST 2012): I dunno if things would be much different with women in charge the few historical figures I can think of were famous for going to war and there are plenty of stories of Russian women goading their men on while they raped German's at the end of WW2. Women can be just as sadistic as men.
Eric Steampunk Pode (Sat Jun 30 08:33:38 BST 2012): Holly is stunningly beautiful, with or without makeup, and Liz Jones is a ghastly hag, from the inside outwards. Typical Daily Mail woman, a shrewish legend in her own mind type without an ounce of charm.
Louise Bostock (Sat Jun 30 08:59:14 BST 2012): WHAT? Feminism is about make-up? Give me a break ladies. Feminism is about making sure that women get equal rights, equal opportunities. Not about how women look. Decidedly NOT about how women look. I have never worn any make-up at all - frankly I never had time to master the art - I was too busy studying so that I could get a good job and defend my rights as a woman. Liz Jones... you seem to be an educated, thoughtful person - how could you get it soooo wrong!
Betty Bennett (Sat Jun 30 09:15:11 BST 2012): I never wear make up but don't think every other woman should do the same. Isn't feminism about us all having a choice and not being judged for it?
Catherine Block (Sat Jun 30 09:17:35 BST 2012): What a pointless article topic. It must be a slow news day.
Laura Black (Sat Jun 30 09:34:44 BST 2012): So let me get this straight....Liz says that Holly is Anti-feminist for not wearing make-up? Huh? I thought it was about women being as equal to men and not having to conform to the traditional ideation of the female role? I also thought it was about being paid the same, being able to vote, the right to use contraception, maternity leave, rights against domestic violence etc etc. I'm not entirely sure where one woman stabbing another one in the back comes into this? Especially over her choice to wear make-up or not, I think it's really sad that people like Liz still think we need to conform to a female role and would happily slate them for not doing so. Personally, I'm not too busy to wear make-up however I still don't wear it that often, because that's my choice and that's what women of past ages fought for, our choices and our rights! *rant over*
Georgina Bowes (Sat Jun 30 09:45:53 BST 2012): Liz I enjoy your straight talking and will always read what you write but picking on holly, come on, she's harmless
Kat Osborne (Sat Jun 30 10:48:43 BST 2012): this is such rubbish, why should Holly get slated and completely picked on for posting a picture of herself without having any make-up on, she looks stunning and this photo shouldn't be seen as bad. I thought being beautiful was all about being natural and not having to wear make-up, yet when a well known celebrity does it, she gets a load of stick from a women that looks like a drag queen when she puts make-up on.
Tracy Davies (Sat Jun 30 11:53:59 BST 2012): So, has it really come down to this. Well, one thing this has proved is that Holly is beautiful no matter what she does - should we really spend so much time primping and slapping on the face paint (and at home even?). I don't read The Daily Mail and this does not make me want to change my mind - I think Philip Schofield said it all!
Catherine Rozanski (Sat Jun 30 14:58:27 BST 2012): Holly, I am right behind you. Whether you have got the odd false lash in or a hint of Liptint in this picture... YOU have got true 'natural beauty' More impotantly 'personality to match' Being a single parent to 4 grown up sons It is surprising how time flies each day, you get up, see to the kids, breakfast, chores etc. then before you know it. It is lunchtime and you are still in your nightie! By tweeting this you have probably helped to instill confidence into a lot of young mum's out there battling through their lives with young children ;-) I have seen Liz quite a few times and do feel like She has issues (no matter who shares the 'This Morning' couch).
Kathy O'Reilly (Sat Jun 30 17:48:37 BST 2012): Maybe her morning face is that much worse because she is about a bazillion years older than Holly..... It's hardly a crime to still be in your pj's and have brushed your hair for a photo!
Jazzie Smith (Sat Jun 30 18:00:40 BST 2012): hear hear Philip!
Rob Mccamley (Sat Jun 30 18:07:35 BST 2012): id still do them both!
Penny Wood (Sat Jun 30 18:41:38 BST 2012): "The Daily Mail columnist" says it all.
Anahi Del (Sat Jun 30 19:29:00 BST 2012): women are....craaazyyyyyyyy
Jackie Taffy Scott (Sat Jun 30 19:29:50 BST 2012): Liz is ugly inside and out.
Jess Wilson (Sat Jun 30 21:46:37 BST 2012): looking at that photo of Liz...it is clear that she herself has got tinted or drawn on eyebrows...which I don't have a problem with but she clearly has a problem with the fact Holly may have a regular fake tan, or eyelashes tinted etc....double standards? don't criticise Holly for being naturally pretty...jealousy is an ugly thing!
Pamela Taylor (Sat Jun 30 22:26:55 BST 2012): I think Liz has done it for publicity for herself & column, looks like it worked!
Kate Northcott (Sat Jun 30 23:24:13 BST 2012): Can I just point out that this woman makes a living about telling us every insignificant details about her personal life to all who read her very self indulgent diaries and wonders why the man she slags off in it doesn't stick around? Also, she was featured in a magazine not too long ago showing off her 'amazing' plastic surgery/face lift, which to my mind didn't make her look half as good with makeup (and cameras and photoshop) as Holly does without! This woman is everything that is wrong with the world and gives the fairer sex a bad name! Pah! Rant over! Holly - beautiful as ever. Philip - nice one!
Alison Adebowale (Sun Jul 01 01:02:30 BST 2012): yes obviously theres sick women out there too-i did not say that but hey 95% of men rule the world and look at the world and all of its victims to war and greed etc...today not 100 yrs or more ago-the world and peoples ignorance is supposed to improve in this day and age -not meant to be barbaric in the 21st century !
Melissa Cairns (Sun Jul 01 01:18:54 BST 2012): this woman is clearly jealous holly is beautiful with and without make up and judging by the photo of liz she needs make up to look decent, don't worry holly u are 10 million times better than her inside and out!
James Harper (Sun Jul 01 09:10:09 BST 2012): I'm just saying human beings are human beings. Wasn't Hillary Clinton pretty keen to go to war not so long ago? Before her Thatcher was infamous for being pretty pleased about her romp in the Falklands. Historically I can think of multiple women who've ruled and not been very pleasant. Boudica was infamous for leading her followers on a bloody campaign against the Romans. Mary Ist, otherwise known as Bloody Mary brutally oppressed those of her own people who didn't practise Catholicism burning hundreds of her subjects at the stake. Her successor Queen Elizabeth was incredibly popular with her people for taking them to war against Europe and winning. Later during the period of British Empire I don't think Queen Victoria made a name for herself by discouraging her subjects from conquering a quarter of the world. Even if you say, well if women ruled all the world there'd be no wars you've then got to appreciate why there are wars in the first place and it's not only because there's an aggressor. Someone has to fight back. If suddenly you have one or two nice pacifist nations. What'll happen is another nasty militaristic one will attack. Now those pacifist nations either live up to their beliefs and get rolled over or they fight back. Either way it's lose lose for them because they'll either betray their beliefs or be swallowed up by their aggressive neighbour. Si vis pacem, para bellum. Now presupposing that women would be both better and more benevolent leaders. We've then got to ask ourselves why they're not leaders more often and if you feel the reasons why their not are ever going to change? I don't think there's anything shady about it and I honestly don't think men are holding women down as much as some feminist would like to think. In my experience men are often very happy to have women in charge, but men tend to more ambitious and strive for the leader role. Men also tend to have a group mentality and get along in pack much better. On the other hand women are less ambitious, are more willing to take a back seat. Have very fractious relationships with other women, tending towards small groups of close friends and usually dislike other women in positions of authority. They also seek consensus whereas males try to assert authority and in such instances are more likely to acceed. Personally I don't see things like that changing, but what I do see is men and women blurring the boundaries of gender roles. I doubt women will ever rule the world, or indeed be very different from men if they did, but I think if men soften a little and women toughen up a bit we can find a happy medium. I also think feminists need to easy up on the ridiculous blasting of male leadership, it just sounds bitter and unappreciative. Yes there have been some pretty ugly things perpetuated by men in this world, but there have been some amazing things created by them to. Most of the worlds art, architecture, culture and philosophy. Not to mention, arguably, civilisation itself. It's easy to point out negatives but balanced argument has to have room to accept there have been many positives as well.
Michaela O'Brien (Sun Jul 01 11:00:06 BST 2012): Alison Adebowale difference is... men being right or wrong - they get things done.
Alison Adebowale (Sun Jul 01 11:11:53 BST 2012): do they?/hmm i beg to differ sorry...look at our politics and men around the house..im not anti men as i love my man,but hey its women that look after kids and do housework and shopping etc even diy ..and cutting the grass and take the cars to the garage so not all women are lazy or slow..or whatever
Alison Adebowale (Sun Jul 01 11:24:16 BST 2012): James Harper yes where about-im talking about today not a 100yrs ago etc..mainly its men today in this society that want WAR because of greed and ignorance ,yes of course some men have did good things ..im not saying that,but if you judge it in todays society by percentage and the people they been responsible for killing people theres millions...not so much womens fault,most women nowadays have a humane heart,and dont want war and bloodshed !!! you can see on TV on the news when its all the mothers sons and daughters that have been killed through mindless wars and bombings etc..whos behind the trigger-MEN .hmm..theres no comparison in numbers thats for sure!
Corinne Sharp (Sun Jul 01 12:09:37 BST 2012): Yuk, theirs just no comparison is there! Holly is still beautiful without make-up as for Liz that just made me sick a little into my mouth! lol
James Harper (Sun Jul 01 12:13:44 BST 2012): I don't think either Hillary Clinton or Margaret Thatcher are ancient historical figures. Neither is the aggressive Argentinian President Cristina Kirchner or the xenophobic (at least) French Presidential candidate Marine Le Pen and somehow I doubt Sarah Palin is much of a pacifist. I don't think the issue is as black and white as you'd like to believe. Women do often feel war is justified, support those who wish to go to war and many fight for the right to be a part of the armed forces on equal terms. I'm not aware of any evidence that women in power are any less likely to go to war or display greater pacifist tendencies. In fact quite the opposite women in power often go to war or advocate it. We live in a society with greater equality and rising levels of female crime and physical violence. Women are equally capable of bullying, often using psychological manipulation, peer pressure, ostracism and humiliation to achieve aims they might not with violence. I think a lot of your perception on this issue seems to centre around the prevalence of men in war, but that's not to say women have never taken part. During WW2 nearly half a million Russian women fought on the Eastern Front against the Germans. Rising levels of equality have also led to rising levels of female drunkenness, sexual abuse (often of the young), domestic abuse and girl on girl gang violence. I wouldn't raise issue with proven numbers, but there's also no proof that things would be different under female leadership. In fact quite the opposite. Women have led nations and peoples and they have still taken them to war. Women may not always fight those wars, choosing to leave that house work to men, but there's no evidence that women will bring about a Utopian society given the chance.
Samantha Louise Lamb (Sun Jul 01 14:03:42 BST 2012): What the hell, is this woman mental, holly is young and pretty and doesn't need to slap on loads of make up, especially when she is in her own home, liz is clearly jealous, maybe if she took better care of her skin she too could look good without make up.
Michaela O'Brien (Sun Jul 01 19:22:14 BST 2012): You don't understand my point... Until women have a no nonsense approach, which is typically masculine, women won't be able to get any where in life without the aid of quota privileges.
Jonni Manning (Sun Jul 01 22:10:24 BST 2012): I somehow feel this is a bit of an over exaggeration by Liz Jones. I don't think this should be judged as a feminist issue at all. Is there no small chance that Holly Willoughby was just joking about being a bit lazy as countless people every day do on Facebook. I myself talked about going for a run today, I didn't. I joked about it to a friend. I guess if I was a woman I'd be anti-feminist.
Ron Lock (Mon Jul 02 01:32:49 BST 2012): Liz Jones - what an ugly minger with a major chip on her shoulder. Get a life you sad old tart and get an iron on that wrinled old face of yours. Your eyebrows are shite and your gaunt face makes me vomit.
Margaret Ogier (Mon Jul 02 02:40:22 BST 2012): What has cosmetics got to do with feminism? Men can use make up if they wish to do so. Liz Jones is a bully, insulting Holly for her natural bare faced beauty. Holly is a better role model to young women by being herself and and having her own feminine style.
Josephine Allison (Mon Jul 02 09:20:30 BST 2012): Liza is soon wrong well done Holly
Pearl Natalie Westwood (Mon Jul 02 11:11:43 BST 2012): Actually Grazia you take Liz's words so far out of context in this article it is unbelievable. What Liz is saying is that Holly looks so beautiful in her 'without make-up' photo that is actually looks a bit unrealistic. She looks glowing and very pretty, it is a well shot image. Liz shared her own photo to show that most of us are red faced and a bit puffy first thing in the morning, not all glowy and pretty like Holly. It was actually a clever piece, which also considered the role make-up plays in society (Yes I can't believe I am defending the Daily Mail either but in this case it is well worth a read). Of course Holly looks stunning, but that was the point, she didn't tweet a photo of herself looking rough.
Louise McHugh Was Menkin (Mon Jul 02 11:21:32 BST 2012): 'the ultimate playground bully'? Whose the one slagging someone off in a newspaper column? Slow news week was it? It must be nice to get paid just for insulting and verbally attacking people.
Lorna Liddle (Mon Jul 02 11:43:08 BST 2012): I could maybe understand Liz's argument a little better if her own picture that she posted, to prove Hollys fake lashes, tan and extensions wrong, didn't show her to have incredibly fake eyebrows? Am I the only one to notice this...
Emily Mary Abbey (Mon Jul 02 15:14:53 BST 2012): errrr Holly said she took her pic at lunchtime, and given that she has a young family she was probably up for hours already. Yeah, she might look abit rough the very first moment she gets out of bed but after washing her face and tying her hair back and getting on with the morning she looks normal, like the rest of us probably would. Holly you're a beauty, and even if you weren't we should still applaud you for having the confidence to be yourself.
Randy Ess (Tue Jul 03 00:23:09 BST 2012): Holly looks pretty okay without the old slap but as for Liz I'd suggest you continue using the war paint as a means to stop frightening the elderly and small vulnerable children.
Vilma Ma (Tue Jul 03 09:10:03 BST 2012): Liz is just a woman full of insecurities and anger towards all beautiful women, not just Holly. I saw her on This Morning where she was talking about bulimia and one particular sad case to Phillip and Holly. Liz herself had weigh problems (in her head) from the age of 11. She clearly has disturbed mind and I don't think that she should write to national papers, it is not right.
Jen McBlain (Tue Jul 03 13:07:13 BST 2012): I don't wear make up in my house and even though I don't tweet the evidence (not being as gorgeous as Holly) I wouldn't consider it anti feminist- I think feminist has bigger issues to worry about than whether I wear make-up around the house! Liz Jones judging on appearances and expecting women to be fully made up at all times is a very male view point- yet she doesn't consider this anti feminist!
Karen Barclay (Wed Jul 04 02:34:40 BST 2012): I feel sorry for Liz Jones. She's got such a desperately narrow worldview. She's too vulnerable for me to get really mad at her though - I'd just put her in a corner with a kitten.
Craig Hewit (Wed Jul 04 14:09:44 BST 2012): you tell them michaela dont take any crap from them you go girlfriend xx
James Harper (Wed Jul 04 14:51:47 BST 2012): Not sure who you're replying to but you're saying that unless women become masculine they won't be able to get anywhere in life? I don't believe that. Generally speaking women need more faith in themselves because the ability is there. Not to mention ambition to match.
Neil Burrow (Wed Jul 04 18:24:25 BST 2012): I'd still fuck both of them first thing in the morning!
Andy Corletto (Thu Jul 05 21:17:26 BST 2012): A feminist writing for the Daily Mail? This must be a new one haha.
Sandra Chapman (Fri Jul 06 14:58:07 BST 2012): Liz jones cannot knock holly or anyone , she has recently at her own admission and braggingly had a face lift , this lady doe t know what she's on about , she moans about being hard up and badly done to yet she has horses , dogs , a farm , other properties , holidays abroad , trips to the hair dresser etc etc at least holly is honest about her lovely face with or with out make up , you never hear her bleating on about her life . Me thinks Liz jones is a teeny weeny bit jealous of the lovely holly as she looks great with or without the slap unfortunatly Liz jones looks awful with or without it , all that money wasted on the face lift could have paid some of her much winged about depts she owe s
Iree Molasses Mo-Fro (Sat Jul 07 11:32:29 BST 2012): Absolutamondo! Holly is a fake "blond"! There's a lot of it about - Katherine Jenkyns and most famous "blond" ever Ms Monro, being well known examples. Ban the airbrush and celebrate natural beauty. At worst the article has sparked a well overdue debate.
Pat Carolan (Sat Jul 07 15:16:40 BST 2012): I love Holly Willoughby, with or without make up. If fact, if she choose to go around without anything on, that would be fine by me. To say that Holly is Anti feminist for sometimes choosing not to waer make up, suggests to me that some people lead a very sad existence and need to find some security. Get a life.
Michaela O'Brien (Sun Jul 08 14:34:16 BST 2012): Not telling them to be masculine, just have a no nonsense attitude... not this BS about make up.
Peter Chapman (Mon Jul 09 00:25:15 BST 2012): doesn't suprise me that this appeared in the Daily Heil.
Bernadette Morgan (Thu Jul 19 16:36:34 BST 2012): Most of us have no time on a regular basis to put on make-up when making breakfast. I put on a little when I need to (on camera for my web tv advice show to stop the forehead shine etc) but most days I am clean faced and pony tailed because straighteners are a pain too. Liz Jones characterises all that is wrong with the "Daily Fail" Missing the point completely of what feminism is all about like so many who rant and rave. I wear what I wear when I choose to wear it for me and no-one else. Maybe she needs to get a life as well as a reality check - or maybe some therapy. Not from me though I reserve the right to choose my clients.
Vilmarie Vega (Thu Jul 19 16:38:23 BST 2012): The Daily Mail eroded my self esteem for the better part of a year.
Durga Ma (Thu Jul 19 17:20:42 BST 2012): That's always been my interpretation of "feminism"...we figure out on our own what makes us women...anyone else dictating that is misogynistic and I will rebel! haha!
Cristiana Amaral (Thu Jul 19 17:37:17 BST 2012): Excuse my ignorance, but who is Liz Jones?
Bernadette Morgan (Thu Jul 19 17:45:59 BST 2012): A bitchy journalist from a British Tabloid (Daily Mail) Cristiana. Seems to think she has her finger on the pulse of what feminism is all about
Carey Ungvary (Thu Jul 19 19:10:35 BST 2012): didn't even have to read the article, just the headline, to vote NO...people and companies will go to any extreme to get attention. oy!
Rachael Legg (Wed Jul 25 12:01:39 BST 2012): Being a feminist isn't about not wearing make up! I always thought feminism was about being strong, confident, independent women who strive for equality with men and not conforming to the stereotypical female roles that are being imposed on us. And yeah who cares if she's too busy at home to wear make up? It's her own home! Not a fashion parade! She has two kids! She's got her hands full enough to worry about putting make up on! Liz is the anti-feminist here for her clear lack of understanding and judgmental, bullying attitude!
Rebecca Ritson (Mon Oct 15 20:48:14 BST 2012): Not everyone needs make up to look beautiful! Just because she’s a celebrity in the public eye doesn’t mean she needs layers of make-up to look attractive, plenty of women have natural beauty so why can’t Holly be one of them? Just because Liz Jones needs make up to look and feel attractive, that doesn’t mean every woman does. And what does make-up have to do with being a feminist? It’s personal, we wear as much or as little as we want to make ourselves feel better.
Ellie Blackwell (Thu Oct 18 17:26:29 BST 2012): Erm aren't Liz's eyebrows tattooed on and hair highlighted? Feminism is not about telling women they aren't a feminist, its about embracing being a woman however you choose to live.
Dorothy Bartlett (Sat Oct 20 00:29:20 BST 2012): You can't blame Holly for not being rough. Some people are just plain beautiful. Even Liz has some make up (eye brows). now who is fake?
Lounerger Seine (Thu Nov 08 09:44:16 GMT 2012): I fail to understand how people go around creating issues like this when there is world poverty, hungry people, child abuse and a war on! For petes sake! How can this be anti-feminist? what's the point! These woman are trying to do something for charity! goodness! spend your time and energy on something that will really make a positive difference in the world. Not stirring up trouble like a miserable, jealous high school girl.
Rachel Daniel-Halley (Thu Nov 08 11:11:31 GMT 2012): I don't see the big deal. These people amaze me yes. *big steups*
Alison Adebowale (Mon Jun 03 15:39:03 BST 2013): Yes we were meant to comment bitchy Liz not on men ruling the world and micheala if more women ruled the world there would be less wars,hunger and greed! Most women are humane!!
Sarah Fraser (Wed Jun 26 12:49:56 BST 2013): She's not at all ugly! She looks good for 54. Holly also looks great with or without makeup.
Sarah Fraser (Wed Jun 26 12:51:35 BST 2013): Perfectly put!