Barack and Michelle Obama Reminisce About Their First Date: VIDEO

26 June 2012 by

Barack and Michelle Obama reminisce about their first date

You know the deal. Politicians can’t talk about sex. When David ‘I remember every minute of my wedding night’ Cameron tried it earlier this year the nation cringed. Too much information! So if ever there was a clip that showed the difference between UK and US politics, it’s this. Barack and Michelle Obama talking, no nuzzling into each other, as they reminisce about their first date.

We find out it was in Chicago, where they went to an art exhibition – ‘Art! Guys out there, it impresses people…’ says Barack laughing a little at himself – before having lunch in a square by a fountain. All together, ahh! They laugh at each other, raise a few eyebrows and there’s a moment of confusion from Michelle before she defers to her husband – and let’s not forget this is the President we’re talking about – for the official version of events. Lunch, followed by a screening of Spike Lee’s movie Do The Right Thing, which had just come out. As Michelle puts it: ‘He showed all the sides. He was hip, cutting edge, sensitive…. The fountain… that was nice touch. The walk – that showed patience.’

Now had this been Ed and Justine Miliband waxing lyrical about their first date over coffee and literature in Primrose Hill (ok, we made that up but you know where we’re going with that…) somehow we don’t think the comments would have been so positive. ‘They are so sweet! I love how you can tell that they’re still in love and committed to each other,’ writes one. ‘He remembers more than her, so sweet. I love them!’ another, adding a heart emoticon. It’s easy to put it down to the American love for cheesy sentimentalism as opposed to Brit stiff-upper-lip. But maybe it’s more to do with the fact that the President and First Lady manage that rare thing in politicians: seeming pretty much genuine and comfortable themselves when talking about their relationship, warts and all. Then again, this is a campaign video fundraising for the chance to win dinner with the Obamas so….   


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