Husband Suing Ex-Wife For Christian Louboutin Collection Worth Over Half A Million

26 June 2012 by

Beth Shak's Staggering Shoe Collection

Beth Shak with her astounding shoe collection - images courtesy of the Daily Mirror

We’ve all done it – kept a just a few pairs hidden away from partners horrified by our shoe collections. But we can bet that not even the Grazia fashwan team can have as many pairs as Beth Shak. She hoarded more than 1,200 pairs in a ‘secret room’ in an exclusive New York apartment she shared with her ex-husband and, following a sticky £2million divorce settlement, he now wants a cut of them. Oh, did we mention they’re worth a whopping £640,000?

Yep, Daniel Shak, a 52-year-old hedge fund manager, has filed a lawsuit against his wife demanding 35% of the shoe collection – which includes more than 700 pairs of Christian Louboutins, amongst many other high-end designers, costing from around £450 to £2,800 per pair. Wowza. And the most expensive amongst them (though Beth, 42, refuses to reveal how much they cost) is a pair of black and white cowboy boots once owned by Elizabeth Taylor, which are kept in a glass cabinet of their own.

‘There are shoes that I don’t even remember buying,’ says Beth. ‘I’m so short of space I had to give some pairs away. Sometimes I pull a pair out that I don’t remember and feel like I got a pair of shoes for free.’

She’s often compared to Imelda Marcos, the first lady of the Philippines, who reportedly owns a staggering 3,000 pairs of shoes. But Beth says that she’s not addicted to shoe shopping because ‘they’re a want and definitely not a need’. Ahem…

Beth, who has three children with her ex and now lives with her two youngest, Lindy, 17, and Austin, 15, in Philadelphia, has such an obsession with Loubs (who doesn’t?) that she says his designs are ‘fine art’, and has even had a tattoo of one of his heels.

She denies hiding the collection, claiming she paid for the shoes using money she made as a professional poker player – despite reports which say she earned just £300,000 in six years through the game. But, like a true fash fan, Beth is not letting go of her most prized possessions without a battle. She’s vowed to ‘fight him all the way’. We’ve got to say, hats (or is that heels?) off to her – we don’t think we could part with a collection like that either.


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