TALKING POINT: Are Women Really Better At Cheating Than Men?

20 June 2012 by

women better at cheating

A new study this week revealed almost all women who cheat never get caught by their partners. Men are not so cunning, with one in five being found out. Here, writer Kate Wills explains why she’s not surprised women get away with it…

There was a time early last year when it seemed like no male celebrity on the planet could keep it in their proverbial pants... including (once) baby-faced boy band stars who you can’t even imagine having sex like Mark Owen and Ronan Keating.

But in the whole grubby history of cheating scandals you have to wrack your brains pretty hard to think of one female celebrity who’s been caught having an affair. Anne Boleyn, maybe? Both men and women, from Hollywood to Hartlepool, cheat on their partners, it’s just that women make sure they don’t get caught.

Like GCSEs, talking about emotions and doing more than one thing at a time, when it comes to the art of cheating, girls do it better.

Mark OwenRonan Keating

So I’m not surprised a new survey finds that 95% of women have cheated on their partners and – almost 100% of these have not been found out. I’ve cheated myself in the past, and I can guarantee that my boyfriends at the time had absolutely no idea.

It was almost embarrassingly easy to keep up a double life, maybe because as women we do it all the time. We’re the boss at work, the mum at home, the lover when we’re not exhausted… so taking on the adulteress role is just another way we compartmentalise our lives.

We have to stretch the truth (and ourselves) on a daily basis to keep everyone happy, so naturally we’re more psychologically adept at telling porkies. I treated having sex with someone else as something I did that he didn’t need to know about, like hiding expensive shopping bags or waxing my lady-tache.

We might be the fairer sex, but we’re also the more duplicitous one too.

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