From Catsuit to Fat Suit.

10 August 2011

The latest trend for plus-size models has not failed to reach the attention of us here at Grazia Daily. We've long celebrated the curves of our favourite celebrities who embrace what nature has given them such as the delicious Christina Hendricks of Mad Men fame. Pippa Middleton's derriere gained worldwide notoriety after the Royal Wedding and supermodel Crystal Renn saw her star rise from strength to strength when she bucked the trend for size 0 and welcomed back her size 14 body.

BUT, we are extremely alarmed to learn that models are now being asked to 'pad up' to achieve the increasingly elusive hourglass figure.  Although a positive move towards promoting a healthy body image, it seems that the industry isn't fully prepared to embrace this trend away from size 0 and is still seeking perfection even from its larger models who are being asked to enhance their assets to ensure even proportions.

Some models claim that padding up is healthier than binge eating to put weight on but others are claiming that this is the equivalent of airbrushing in reverse and is still creating a body image that is unattainable for most women.

In this weeks issue, Grazia speaks exclusively to plus-size model Saffi Karina, a size 12, about the tricks she uses to get that impossibly perfect hour glass figure but we want to know, what do you think? Will using plus-size models cause a shift away from the negative, unhealthy body image or do these enhancements only perpetuate it further? Get in touch.

 - Jo Oliver


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