What does your Twitter picture say about you?

16 May 2011

Because first impressions count you know…

And, as Serena Williams found out – the hard way – this weekend, posting up the wrong profile shot can send out the wrong message.

Indeed, when the tennis star decided to swap her usual picture for this ‘artful’ nude [above], there was an outcry – no exaggeration – from her followers. So much so, she had to take it down.

Though Serena, clad in sexy lingerie and heels, was partially obscured by a curtain, she was still slammed for being too ‘provocative’ – especially in light of the fact one of her twitter ‘followers’ was arrested earlier this month for stalking her.

Patenema Ouedraogo was found in the grounds of Serena’s estate on the 3rd May.

‘So Serena Williams has a person that was arrested for stalking her.....then she puts a naked picture up on twitter!’ Wrote one tweeter.

Another called her a ‘hypocrite’. Is this really fair?

There were some tweeters in Serena’s favour, however. ‘It’s irresponsibly intimating that Serena is responsible for a crazy guy stalking her!’ wrote one.

We’re inclined to agree... Whilst we wouldn’t promote posting nude pictures on these public sites (well, not until we’ve finished our bikini diets anyway), that doesn’t mean Serena was asking to be stalked. Come on tweeters, a bit of women’s solidarity…

Or are we wrong?  

- Amy Molloy


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