DEBATE: JENNIFER GARNER to play Miss Marple (no, really).

30 March 2011

Hollywood has a ridiculous history of sexing up British TV shows. Take, for instance, the US version of The Office, where adorable Pob lookalike Martin Freeman was replaced by handsome actor John Krasinski, a man so hot that he recently wed the indisputably beautiful Emily Blunt. So we're used to America's insatiable appetite for casting decisions based solely on making characters acceptable to a nation obsessed with perfect dentistry and plastic surgery, and under normal circumstances this elicits just another eye roll.

UNTIL NOW. Because news has reached Grazia Daily that the US is planning to film a version of Miss Marple (Agatha Christie's sweet, ancient, bird-like Miss amateur sleuth), starring JENNIFER GARNER. Yes: Jennifer. Garner. Jennifer Garner who is 39, married to Ben Affleck and starred, not so very long ago in 13 Going On 30; a film in which she regressed to a teen. Yes, Jennifer Garner with The Ears. Jennifer Garner who is currently modelling in commercials for Neutrogena anti-aging skincare, for goodness sakes.

This makes so little sense that after reading about it on various blogs last night, Grazia Daily woke up this morning convinced it may actually have been a cheese-induced dream. It was not. Multiple sources report that Garner is set to take over from 78 year old Geraldine McEwan (we never expected to type that sentence) as the meddling pensioner detective. We're all still so incensed here at Grazia Towers that we are having to listen to this on a loop in order to calm down.

We know you'll have something to say about this, too, and we're looking forward to your comments below.

One final thought: Murder, She Wrote, starring the frankly brilliant Angela Lansbury (then in her sixties and seventies) is one of the most successful and long-running US crime shows of all time - so why the need to mess with Miss Marple?


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