Is This The World’s First Unretouched Make-up Ad?

16 March 2011

Grazia Daily whooped for joy when we heard about Makeup Forever’s HD High Definition foundation. Not necessarily because we truly believe it’ll leave us flawless - every girl worth her Grazia has tried a ‘miracle’ product only to discover it doesn’t quite perform in the 'miracle' front - but because they’re promoting it alongside the world’s first ‘unretouched make-up ad' and, we're happy to admit, we’re a bit obsessed with ‘before and afters' of photoshopped models.
Of course, it helps here that the model in question is stunning with near-flawless skin, perfect bed-hair and sexy pout. Still - she IS human and DOES have flaws. *phew* Is it wrong that we were slightly gleeful and a teensy bit distracted by the bumpy, outstretched arm? We all zoom straight in on our own flaws anyway so why shouldn’t we pull to pieces an ad which also claims to be real?
In the age of digital enhancement it’s always hard to know whether what we’re seeing in ads is a real representation or the clever handiwork of a digital designer. Take Kate Winslet’s latest stint as the face of Lancome’s lipstick collection, L’Absolu Nu. She dares to bare all in the campaign but then who wouldn’t when it gets completely retouched in post-production? ASA have even banned adverts by Rimmel for their mascara campaigns, shot using lash inserts, following claims from consumers that they were too misleading.
However, in an industry that strives for perfection, it’s easy to see why so many campaigns literally airbrush the life out of their models. With technology advancing by the nano-second and high definition now becoming the norm, seeing every pore, line, wrinkle and blemish is hardly a big selling point in the beauty world. This is where products like Makeup Forever’s HD Foundation come into their own – claiming that they are so high-performance, even an HD camera would struggle to detect any flaws. Erm, yes please!
We think they’ve got the ad spot on – just the right amount of wobbly bits and dark circles under the eyes to be convincing but still with the perfect, glossy finish we’ve come to expect. And love. Because let’s face it, who doesn’t want to look like a model?!
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 By Jo Oliver


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