Do YOU let your boyfriend see you without make-up?

14 January 2011

As someone who met their other half in a spin class – sans make-up, cheeks ‘glowing’ like beacons – I can’t say I’ve ever been paranoid about him seeing my morning face (there's no way but up after that first impression). I’ve never been one of those girls to set an alarm ten minutes early, to apply a full face of foundation and then sneak back into bed. However, it seems I’m in the minority…

According to a new study carried out by Superdrug, the majority of women feel uncomfortable going aux-natural in front of their beaus. A third suspect their other half wouldn’t have been attracted to them, if they’d been bare-faced when they met. And the average woman won’t let their boyfriend see them without make-up, until at least two and a half months into a relationship. Isn’t love meant to be blind… even to our flaws?

Yet, our vanity extends from the bedroom to the boardroom, with six out of ten women admitting they’d never go to work without make-up on, because it would ‘harm their reputation’.

One in four said she might be ignored for a promotion, whilst 40 percent thought their managers would view them as ‘slovenly’.

Is a bulging make-up bag a sign of self-respect or low self esteem?  And how long before you dared to go bare in a new relationship? Tell us your thoughts…
By Amy Molloy


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