Say what?! Don Draper’s engaged!

02 December 2010

* Spoiler alert *

There was only one topic of conversation in the Grazia office this morning: ‘OMG! Don Draper’s ENGAGED.’ Last night’s season finale of Mad Men left us all reeling. Aside from (shock, horror!) Joan keeping Roger’s baby, Carla’s sacking (Nooo!) and Betty’s marriage going down the pan, it was Don’s surprise engagement to Megan (you know, his sexy, half-French, brunette secretary! Do keep up) that really split us into two camps. ‘What about lovely Doctor Faye?’ half of us cried. While the other half were going all gooey over Don saying to his new love, ‘Can you imagine the many things that had to happen for me to get to know you?’

Things got rather heated at Grazia, as you can see from this clip. But whose camp are you in? Is Megan a flash-in-the-pan bimbo who’s just rather good at mopping up milkshakes and babysitting? Or is she marking out a whole new Mad Men chapter where Don can finally become ‘Dick’? Will this marriage last or was Faye right when she smacked Don down to size with: ‘I hope she knows you only like the beginning of things’? Heck, a few of us are even hanging out for a Betty-and-Don rerun. Oh do hurry up, season five! Meanwhile, it’s (vintage) handbags at dawn in the comment box below…

- Zoe Cronin




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