Are celeb mums to blame for post-baby body blues?

15 November 2010

There you are, new babe in arms, sleep deprived, your make-up bag last seen under a mountain of nappies so the last thing you’re thinking about is the size of your stomach/bum/boobs right? Or, actually, a big old wrong. As a new survey, by the Royal College of Midwives, has discovered that almost two-thirds of new mum’s feel so pressurised by super-slim celeb mum’s that they try and follow suit.  
According to the report, new-mums said stars like Denise Van Outen, Tess Daly and Myleene Klass - whose bodies seemed to ping back to normal after giving birth - left them feeling so disgusted with their own post-pregnancy body that they’d resort to extreme measures to get back to their former weight.  And It also said things were made worse beause midwives were too busy to tell them what they really should eat.
So are celebs really to blame?  Are you a new-mum who’s consumed with jealousy over the flat abs of Tess and co? Or do you think, women should worry about more important things when they’re embracing new-motherhood? Or maybe you’re so worried about what will happen to your body, you’re putting off having a baby. Let us know what you think.
- Helen Bownass


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