Brits are 'embarrassed' to spend a fortune on new clothes

04 November 2010

‘Fess up, you’ve all fibbed to a partner about a purchase. ‘This old thing, I’ve had it for years.’ *quickly hides price tag and bins the receipt*. It’s all part of the relationship game. And he wouldn’t have a clue what’s in your wardrobe anyway.

Now it appears our other halves aren’t the only ones were lying to. A new survey has revealed that rather then haul vlogging to friends, women actually underplay any recent splurges.

Indeed one in ten women are dishonest with their friends about where they’ve bought an item. Nearly sixty per cent underplay the price, shaving noughts off to make it look like a bargain.

Meanwhile one in ten women say they feel ‘embarrassed’ when they splash out on an outfit. However this doesn’t stop them treating themselves… in secret.  

We can identify with the 67 percent of women who admit to bending the truth with their spouses (the most common lie being, ‘It was in the sale.’)

However it makes us sad that women are fibbing to each other. Come on girls, rally around. Retail therapy is all part of the girly bonding experience - isn’t it?

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- Amy Molloy


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