What does the colour of your underwear say about you?

14 October 2010

Next time you're choosing that special ‘date night’ lingerie, we'd really recommend exercising a little more caution. If findings of psychologist Donna Dawson are to believed, your choice of undies may be saying much more about you than you probably ever realised. According to her survey conducted for laundry experts Dr Beckmann, people can determine precisely what type of lover we are just by looking at the colour of our underwear.

Results suggest that a preference for a particular colour reveals our bedroom personalities. Apparently women who wear red are “passionate, energetic, dramatic and driven” while a pink bra “denotes a personality that is romantic and gentle and in need of affection”. A white bra shows a women who is “innocent but open to suggestions” whereas the classic black reveals a “deeply passionate” personality that is “individualistic and powerful, as well as sultry”. Opt for nude, on the other hand, and we will be telling our prospective partners that we are “relaxed” and “with nothing to hide”.

Perhaps that accounts for the fact that 72% of us now opt for nude or flesh colored underwear when out shopping, with Debenhams reporting a 38% yearly increase in the sale of nude lingerie. And there we were just thinking they looked better under our new silk shirts!

We have to say, Grazia Daily is not convinced. What happens if we're not having a matching underwear day? Does that mean that our bottom half is gentle and in need of affection while our top half is powerful and sultry? Hmm, suppose that's feasible. However - and here’s the clincher - looking down at Grazia Daily's choice of underwear today, I'm pretty certain they are saying only one thing: it’s laundry day.

What about you? Do you think you can tell what type of lover a woman is just by the colour of her pants?

- Sophie Cullinane


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Lingerie.co.uk (Thu Apr 11 13:53:49 BST 2013): I have to agree that nude underwear is so versatile and goes with anything.... I especially love a little bit of black lace over a nude background. That's really chic :)