The X Factor Reviewed!

11 October 2010

Wowza, Si-Co’s ears must be burning, because the ONLY thing we’re talking about today is the X Factor. Really, we could go on and ON about it – we spent the entire journey to work just deconstructing Cheryl’s outfits (more on that later!). However we appreciate that some of you might actually have serious work to get on with. So we’ll keep it short and concise. Here’s our top talking points of this weekend’s X Factor (please feel free to add your own below).
- Paige: love him love him love him. Such a sunny, cheerful guy and such a lovely soulful voice. And are we wrong for quite enjoying that bomber jacket? We see what the stylist was trying to do...
- In general: the judges sudden two-years-late realisation that Lady Gaga's fame has a lot to do with her quirkiness - and their lifetime-too-late realisation that most people admire pop stars who are a bit different or weird or dress strangely and don't just sing while sitting on stools (have they heard of David Bowie, Madonna, Morrissey, Elton John, Boy George?) is embarrassing for everyone.
- Dannii Minogue: HOW amazing does she look so soon after having a baby?

- Katie Waissel: what's with the ridiculous clothes and headgear? And why on earth did she sing We Are the Champions, the same song she showed she couldn't actually manage to sing in her first audition? Guess what? She still couldn't sing it. FYD were robbed!
- Cheryl V Louis: what was his bitchy 'it's not all about you, Cheryl' comment all about?!
- Matt Cardle: what's under his hat? Seriously, is he bald?
- Simon Cowell's hilarious attempts to get down with the kids: 'You're just so current, Aiden, with that whole Robert Pattinson, Twilight thing'. Erm. What? Is he the only young person you've heard of?
- Tesco Mary: Amazing make over - great hair, gorgeous sweepy eye makeup, awesome singing. Go T-Maz!
- Hayden Panettiere: Can you believe she was there? Who’ll be the next A-lister in the audience, we wonder?
- Storm Lee’s make-up: Nuff said!
 by Amy Molloy


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