What do YOU make of the new Gap logo?

08 October 2010

Universal truth – people don’t like change. It’s scary right? Yes, in theory we should thrive on spontaneity, but really we’re creatures of habit. And change is scary! Which is why even the simplest tweaks can cause out and out panic. The new Gap logo for instance…

Come on, it’s not even that different. The same blue box, just somewhat re-jigged. However, when the design was unveiled earlier this week it sparked a global backlash. ‘Why mess with a classic?’ wrote one irate Facebooker. ‘It looks like clipart’ wrote another.
A heated debate ensued on Twitter over whether it was a hoax or publicity stunt to create ‘viral buzz about the brand’ (as one tweeter put it)…

Well if that is true (which Gap denies) it certainly achieved its aim. There’s so much cyber chatter about Gap’s new logo it even has its own Twitter page.

With the personal statement ‘I have feelings too, jerks’. Awwww, poor Gogo (that’s Gap-logo if you’re not abbreviation savvy).
We want to hear what you think of the logo's makeover. Good, bad – and do you think the brand deserves such a backlash?
By Amy Molloy



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